Retiring with purpose book review front cover
Retirement Planning with Purpose: A practical guide to planning a flexible and meaningful retirement by Tricia Ryan Snow (note that the name of the current version of this guide has changed from the one shown in this picture)

If you’re looking for some inspiration on doing something meaningful that fills you with purpose when you retire, then I recommend reading this book written by my friend. Retirement Planning with Purpose: A Practical Guide to Planning a Flexible and Meaningful Retirement by Tricia Ryan Snow earns 5*.

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One-word book review: Retirement Planning with Purpose: A Practical Guide to Planning a Flexible and Meaningful Retirement by Tricia Ryan Snow

Retirement with Purpose: A Practical Guide to Planning a Flexible and Meaningful Retirement by Tricia Ryan Snow
Book genre: Nonfiction
One-word book review: Inspiring: 5*

Full disclosure: I’ve known Tricia for a couple of years now and received an advanced reader’s copy (ARC) of Retirement Planning with Purpose in exchange for an honest review. But that relationship doesn’t influence my opinion.

My husband and I are emptynesters and are beginning to think about what retirement really looks like for us. So I was excited to learn that Tricia, an early retiree, wrote a practical guide based on her 20+ years of financial expertise and lessons learned from her own experience.

I loved it! Such great practical, real-life advice from a trusted source. Tricia’s book does a great job guiding you past the idealized side of retirement so you can make important and realistic decisions on how you want to live day-to-day.

What you’ll find inside this retirement guide: Retirement Planning with Purpose

Retirement book back cover

You’ll find practical worksheets and quizzes inside Retirement Planning with Purpose to help you create a retirement lifestyle that reflects your values, fits within your budget and aligns with your passions.

Get your copy today and take the first steps to start planning for your future!

Retirement bucket list inspiration

Eiffel Tower in Paris France
Retirement bucket list: Travel the world

While we’re still working on the realities of what retirement will actually look like for us, I know my husband and I will do more of what already brings us joy. Here are a few of our current passions that I look forward to spending more time on during our retirement years.

Retirement bucket list inspiration: Travel

Sunset sail in Key West Florida
Stunning sunset sail in Key West, Florida

While my husband and I are still evaluating where we’ll live when we retire, we do plan to add travel to our retirement bucket list. Until then, check out my post: List of the best emptynester and couples getaways

Retirement bucket list inspiration: Read more books (and write them)

stack of books sitting on the arm of an Adirondack chair with green trees in background
Check out all my current one-word book reviews.

One of my attainable retirement bucket list aspirations is to make my way through my never-ending #tbr stack – so many books to read!

Retirement bucket list inspiration: Learn more about family history

Jean-Pierre Kolbach Ebensee concentration camp liberation
Read about our journey to honor the life of my husband’s grandfather, a concentration camp survivor.

I’ve started and stopped and started and stopped researching our family genealogy on all sides of our family. However, I am committed to continue my research on my husband’s family story this year. This will definitely be something I’ll want to pursue even more when I retire.

Retirement bucket list inspiration: Photography

Moon on a royal blue sky rising above backyard pond
Moon rising over our backyard pond – photo taken on my iPhone

So I used to be a photographer for a daily newspaper back in the darkroom days (I knew how to develop film). And while I’m pretty happy with my iPhone photos, I would love to elevate my photography skills with a digital camera – a great retirement bucket list goal.

Retirement bucket list inspiration: Hiking

Red rock and blue sky at Devil's Bridge Trail in Sedona, Arizona
Sedona, Arizona offers beautiful hiking trails.

Hiking into my retirement years is a huge goal for me. I recently finished hiking all 66 Minnesota state parks – check out my local’s guide to the best MN state parks.

Retirement bucket list inspiration: Cooking (kinda…or maybe just eating)

Egg rolls on a platter with a dish of dipping sauce and green lettuce garnish
My sisters-in-law taught me how to make several Thai dishes including these amazing egg rolls.

My retirement years seem like a good time to try to learn how to cook some of my favorite foods, including Thai-inspired dishes like these amazing egg rolls.

Retirement bucket list inspiration: Take my future grandchildren to my son’s favorite places (which is probably at least a decade or more in case he’s reading this)

Gondola ride in Venice Italy
Venice, Italy was our family’s favorite vacation.

Looking far into the future, I would love to revisit some of my son’s favorite family vacations with my future grandchildren. See his list of the best family vacations to take on spring break or summer vacation.

Blue sky and entrance to Grotto of the Redemption West Bend Iowa
And I would love to visit one of my favorite childhood experiences with my future grandchildren when I retire: Shrine of the Grotto of the Redemption: Learn more!

Retirement bucket list inspiration: Gardening (not really, but I love admiring them)

Lakewood Cemetery best flower gardens in Twin Cities

I know many people find gardening relaxing. For me, it’s work. So don’t think I’ll take gardening up as a retirement goal. However, I do appreciate and admire other people’s gardening skills. Check out my post: The best and prettiest flower gardens in the Twin Cities.

What are your retirement plans that align with your passions, values and budget?

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Retirement Bucket List Ideas

Retirement Planning with Purpose Book Cover

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  1. Love this! My hubby’s family thinks I am the only one that is planning for retirement and that our kids should be our retirement… I know they are crazy. lol I feel like I fight them daily on this. I am trying to teach them about being prepared. I love this and need to hang on to the beliefs that I need to prepare as well as have a purpose. I want retirement to be my 3rd and final act and go out with a blast as well as leave my kids something. I ordered the book. Can’t wait to get my copy tomorrow.

    1. Awesome! So happy to hear you ordered your own copy of Retirement Planning with Purpose. I especially loved the quizzes and the helpful worksheets.

    1. It’s a great idea starter to start planning for retirement and how we want to live out our years with purpose. Highly recommend Retirement Planning with Purpose.

  2. More and more I am starting to think about retirement planning. Will have to check out Tricia’s book soon!

    1. Love that Tricia shared her lessons to help others plan for a meaningful retirement with purpose. It’s a great guide with practical tips.

  3. Love these retirement bucket list ideas including the traveling and hiking sections! Congrats on completing all 66 state parks – that is quite an accomplishment. I hope be able to do something similar in my retirement too and will need to check out this book.

    1. Thank you so much! I do feel accomplished hiking all of Minnesota’s state parks. And definitely want to travel when I retire.

  4. This sound like a useful resource as I need to start thinking about and reading more about my retirement plans and pension so thanks for sharing.

  5. Planning for your retirement is so important – especially if travel is your goal. We retired to travel in 2018, and we probably should’ve been saving a little longer haha

    1. I hear ya! Travel during retirement does take some financial planning. Love that this book focuses on how you want to spend your days so you can make practical financial plans.

  6. Oh! Live your pictures! Captivating! And thank you for the review. Now I know what I am going to do when retire:)

    1. Thank you and my pleasure! I love how this guide to retirement planning with purpose focuses on doing something meaningful that aligns with our passions.

    1. Yes! Travel is my number one on my retirement bucket list also. And this book, Retirement Planning with Purpose, is a perfect guide.

  7. I haven’t thought much about retirement at this point in my life, but it’s definitely good to plan it. I’ll have a look at these resources.

  8. I agree with Karen; this book is a terrific resource. I love the worksheets and quizzes as well. I hope to retire in the next 10 years, and this will help me achieve that goal!

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