Egg rolls with dipping chili sauce in a bowl with lettuce garnish

One of the best things about traveling and exploring new cultures is discovering and enjoying the local foodie scene. If you miss your Southeast Asia travels – especially Thailand – here’s the perfect alternative. A native Thai shares her simple-to-make egg rolls recipe that you can make at home. She just happens to be my sister-in-law, Mam. So I know it’s authentic. And I know this is the best recipe for the most authentic Thai egg rolls.

Authentic Thai recipe series: The best egg rolls

Thai woman holding platter of egg rolls
Thai egg roll recipe to make at home: Pictured is my beautiful sister-in-law Mam, an amazing cook who dishes up authentic and delicious Thai food recipes.

So my sister-in-law Mam and my lovely niece Ryta showed me how to make authentic and easy Thai egg rolls at home. Via Facetime during the pandemic. Where I also learned how to screen record on my iPhone, but neglected to turn on the microphone. So I have a step-by-step Thai egg roll recipe video recap of Mam and Ryta showing me, but no audio (that’s shameful when I live in a household of two audiophiles).

And no great clips of Ryta (so I’ll have to set up a special photo and/or video shoot of her later). Although you can find her Teenager’s guide on the top things to do at Mall of America (the largest mall in North America).

However, I had the screen-recording video and my handwritten notes available and (not-so-great-recall) memory to make these delicious and authentic Thai egg rolls on my own at home. And when I replicated this Thai egg roll recipe this past weekend I was so happy that they turned out great. These egg rolls are the best and super easy to make when you follow this simple Thai egg roll recipe.

And why is this Thai egg roll recipe authentic?

Because Mam is originally from Thailand (as is my other sister-in-law, Tor, who gave me a cooking lesson on how to make another delicious and authentic Thai recipe). Mam’s egg rolls are a family favorite. They do not last long at our Thai-American fusion holiday dinners and family get togethers. And once you try this easy Thai egg roll recipe, you’ll learn why.

Woman pointing finger at man eating
Love this moment captured of my late brother-in-law Bill (who appears to be playfully scolded by my sister-in-law Michele). Bill was notorious for eating the most Thai egg rolls.

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Where do I find ingredients needed for Mam’s authentic and easy Thai egg roll recipe?

Ingredients to make egg rolls sitting in bowls on a table
Thai egg roll recipe ingredients: You can find ingredients for Thai egg rolls in your local Asian or mainstream grocery store.

While Mam shops at an authentic Asian grocery store, I was able to find the necessary ingredients for her Thai egg roll recipe at mainstream grocery stores like Hy-Vee or Cub Foods. You may need to look in the Asian or Thai section of their specialty foods aisles.

Ingredients required for Thai egg rolls to make at home

Food prep dishes to make a recipe green cabbage, shredded carrots, sugar, pepper, salt, garlic, egg roll wrappers
Thai egg roll recipe cooking lesson tip: Prep all your ingredients before making egg rolls or your favorite Thai recipe. Well, any recipe.

Here are the ingredients and kitchenware items you’ll need to make these easy and delicious Thai egg rolls at home.

Thai egg rolls recipe cooking prep tip

For this Thai egg roll recipe, I used my Ninja food chopper to mince the garlic and chop up the green cabbage and carrot. Saves so much time! And it makes a lovely gift for the cook in your family.

Simple-to-make Thai egg roll recipe prep instructions

Here are the food prep instructions for this Thai egg roll recipe.

  1. Put on your food-prep gloves.
  2. Place woon sen noodles in bowl of water for five minutes (until soft to maneuver).
  3. Highly recommend measuring and prepping all the ingredients ahead of time before you start the actual step-by-step Thai egg roll recipe instructions.
  4. Remove egg roll wrappers from bag and separate each egg roll wrapper and place on plate or parchment paper and set aside.

Recipe instructions to make the Thai egg roll mixture

The following outlines the easy recipe steps to make the delicious Thai egg roll mixture.

  1. After draining and patting woon sen noodles dry, cut noodles with kitchen shears (approximately 3 to 4 inches in length), set aside.
  2. In large mixing bowl, add shredded green cabbage and optional shredded carrot. Toss thoroughly by hand.
  3. Add woon sen noodles. If some of the noodles are still long, cut them some more. And then toss all ingredients thoroughly by hand.
  4. Add and crumble ground pork or ground chicken into mixing bowl.  
  5. Continue to toss by hand as you add the following ingredients.
  6. Add 1 tablespoon of ground black pepper.
  7. Add 1 teaspoon of minced garlic.
  8. Mix in 1 teaspoon of salt.
  9. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar.
  10. Add 1-2 tablespoons of soy sauce or oyster sauce.
  11. Now add green onions or scallions (optional).
  12. Toss all ingredients until thoroughly mixed.
  13. Add whisked egg (optional) and toss thoroughly with the other ingredients.
  14. Remove food-prep gloves.

Recipe instructions on how to fold the egg roll wrappers

Here are the instructions on how to fold the egg roll wrappers. Tip: Look on the back of the egg roll wrapper or the cardboard insert and you’ll typically find a diagram on how to fold the egg rolls.

  1. Whisk the second egg and set aside as it will be used to seal the egg roll wrap.
  2. Place the egg roll wrap on a cutting board or similar flat and non-stick surface.
  3. Grab a tongful (that’s a real measurement, right?) of the egg roll wrap mixture and place on top of egg roll wrap in the lower right quadrant closest to you (but closer to the center than at the edge).
  4. Fold the corner closest to the egg roll mixture over the mixture.
  5. Then roll the wrap tightly once all the way around and then tuck in the two side corners so they lay over the rolled mixture.
  6. Roll the egg mixture tightly two full rotations.
  7. Then brush on some egg wash on the remaining section of the egg roll wrap (should look a little like an envelope at this stage).
  8. Continue rolling until the entire egg roll wrap is tucked around the mixture.
  9. Set aside the egg roll on a platter and repeat instructions to make remaining egg rolls.

Full disclosure while making Thai egg rolls

My first attempts at folding the egg rolls looked more like Chipotle burritos (sloppy ones) than egg rolls. I kept thinking they were going to taste like chimichangas instead of egg rolls. After a few tries, I finally got the hang of it and no one seemed to mind what they looked like. I succeeded in making these easy and delicious Thai egg rolls. So this authentic Thai egg roll recipe is so easy, even I can do it!

How to prepare the pan to make authentic Thai egg rolls

Pan of oil sitting on stovetop
Authentic Thai egg roll recipe tip: Make sure the pan to make these Thai egg rolls is deep enough to allow enough canola oil to cover about half to two-thirds of the egg roll.

Here are the at-home recipe steps to prepare the pan to make the Thai egg rolls.

  1. Once all egg rolls are ready, prepare the pan.
  2. Add canola oil or vegetable oil into a deep skillet, deep wok or deep pan (like a Dutch oven) and fill it high enough so it’ll nearly cover the egg rolls.
  3. Set the stovetop to high heat and once warm enough, add egg rolls to pan with tongs until you have a single layer across the entire pan. Depending on your stovetop, you may want to turn down to med-high heat.
  4. Then turn the egg rolls frequently so they do not burn. Watch closely – highly advised to avoid any multi-tasking during this step as the egg rolls can burn if not turned frequently.
  5. The egg rolls are done once they turn a golden color on the outside. I cooked the ground pork (actually sausage) ahead of time so the egg rolls only took five minutes. Timing will vary depending on the temperature level, type of pan used, etc.
  6. Remove from pan and set cooked egg rolls on a wire cooling rack or plate with a paper towel to soak up any excess oil. Thai egg rolls recipe cooking tip: It’s recommended to place any fried food on a heat-resistant wire cooling rack to cool and place the plate with paper towels underneath to soak up excess oil; this helps keep the fried foods, like egg rolls, crispy.
  7. Repeat until all remaining egg rolls are cooked.

Serving authentic Thai egg rolls

Authentic Thai food
The best part of this simple-to-make Thai egg rolls recipe: Eating them! Here’s a sampling of our Thai-American fusion family get togethers – including the delicious and easy-to-make Thai egg rolls.

Once all the Thai egg rolls are done, place on a serving tray with garnish such as a lettuce leaf and serve with sweet chili sauce (available at any grocery store – typically in the Asian section of the international aisle).

And that’s it. This authentic Thai egg rolls recipe is simple and easy-to-make at home. So get your Southeast Asia fix with these delicious Thai egg rolls.

Thai egg rolls recipe tip: How to freeze authentic Thai egg rolls

If you don’t plan to cook all the egg rolls you have prepared, place them in a freezer gallon bag. Label the bag “the best Thai egg rolls” and add the date. For best results, cook and serve the prepared authentic Thai egg rolls within one month after freezing.

Recipe / cooking tip for frozen Thai egg rolls

Based on our experience, it’s not necessary to freeze Thai egg rolls. Why freeze when you can just eat them? We did freeze a few of the egg rolls when I made them, but then wanted more the very next day. So I took them out of the freezer and put them in the refrigerator to thaw.

Probably not the best idea as the egg rolls stuck to the side of the freezer bag. So I would recommend eating all the Thai egg rolls in one sitting. Or thaw by first removing them from the bag and placing in a non-stick dish (or prepped with oil spray). Or cooking the frozen Thai egg rolls without thawing – you’ll just need to cook a few minutes longer.

Favorite and simple Thai food recipes to make at home

Authentic Thai food
Some of our family-favorite authentic Thai food recipes made at home to feed a large crowd or just the two of you…or just you.

So I asked my niece to name her favorite Thai recipe made by her mom. One of them was fried rice. So I may need another Thai cooking lesson soon for Mam’s authentic Thai fried rice recipe.

Authentic Thai noodles
More authentic Thai food recipes to make at home: I don’t remember what this Thai noodle dish is called, but it’s delicious. I’m sure it’ll make an appearance in a future Thai cooking lesson in this series. I’ll share the Thai noodle recipe soon.

Authentic Thai noodles
Simple and delicious Thai recipes for tailgating: Can you see the Vikings purple and the horns on this plate? Yes, Thai food is perfect for tailgating.

I’d also love to learn how to make more of our family’s favorite Thai recipes like Tor’s and Mam’s lettuce wraps (but they call them something different) and their BBQ pork satays (but they call them something different), and much more. And apparently, I’ll need a lesson on what to call all this Thai food I’ve been devouring for years. Watch for more authentic recipes in this how-to-cook Thai series.

Pin it for later: easy-to-make authentic Thai egg rolls recipe

Easy and simple Thai egg rolls recipe to make at home.
Authentic Thai to make at home: Simple Thai egg roll recipe
Easy recipe to make the best authentic Thai egg rolls

If you’re missing your Southeast Asia travels and craving some authentic Thai food that’s easy to make, or looking for an easy tailgating or holiday recipe, please pin it for later and share with others. And I would love for you to share in the comments how you fared with making Mam’s authentic Thai egg rolls. I hope you enjoy these authentic Thai food dishes and recipes as much as our family does!

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Simple authentic shrimp pad Thai recipe

Here’s another one of my top authentic Thai food recipes that my sister-in-law Tor taught me to make: shrimp pad krapow. This Thai pad krapow recipe is perfect for a quick weeknight dinner or a tailgating or potluck dish. This simple authentic Thai dish takes less than 20 minutes to make. And this shrimp pad krapow is delicious! Enjoy!


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  1. Yum! I love Thai food and especially egg rolls. They seem easier to make than I would have imagined. I’ve yet to try making any Thai dish but I look forward to trying this recipe one day. 😁

    1. I am not a very creative cook so I was a little nervous about making them (especially since my sister-in-law can practically make these egg rolls blindfolded…she’s so fast and adept at the folding part!). But they turned out great. My entire family loved them and I’m making more this week. Let me know if you ever try making them!

      1. Made them today and they were delicious. Recipe was top notch. Well written and easy to follow. Thank you!

  2. These look really good. I’m always wary of making these kind of wrap things with pastry (cause I usually mess it up) but this doesn’t seem half bad. Are you sure a tongful is a measurement. Is your tongs the same size as my tongs?😆

  3. I often find interesting recipes but then have no idea how the food should be frozen or reheated. This is comprehensive. I love Thai egg rolls but for some reason haven’t made them before. I will give them a try now!

  4. These look so yummy! I’m going to hunt for spring roll wrappers where I live (Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula), so wish me luck…. both on finding wrappers & making your spring rolls lol.

  5. These look amazing! One of the things we did earlier in the year was to teach ourselves how to make eggrolls – so I have the technique down pat. Now I’ll have to try this combination of ingredients!

  6. I am reading this right before lunch, and I am starving…Not to mention Thai cuisine is one of my favorites! Thanks for sharing these egg rolls. I want to make them right away! They look amazing!

  7. I love learning to make authentic dishes like this. How lucky you are to have her in your family! We make different ethnic foods at home all the time but they are just never the same.

    1. Awesome! I found all the Thai egg roll ingredients at our mainstream grocery story so hopefully you can find them where you live.

  8. These look amazing! I love Thai Egg Rolls! The recipe doesn’t seem very difficult. I will have to give these a try!

  9. Wow! These Thai egg rolls look amazing. I want one right now. I’ve never tried to make them, but you make it look so easy.

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