Stirring shrimp and Thai basil

How to make shrimp pad krapow in less than 20 minutes

Are you looking for a fast and easy authentic Thai shrimp pad krapow recipe you can make at home? Or are you missing your foodie travels to Southeast Asia during this social distancing era? Then this delicious pad krapow recipe is a perfect alternative until you can travel to Thailand again. Pad krapow goong is shrimp with Thai basil, garlic, peppers and veggies with an optional fried egg on top and a side of jasmine, red and brown rice.

Note: I hope I spelled it all correctly and nothing got lost in translation. I believe pad means stir fry; krapow means the special type of Thai basil; and goong means shrimp. I may need to take some Thai lessons also. All I know for certain is that that this simple Thai recipe, shrimp pad krapow, is delicious regardless of how it is spelled or pronounced.

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Easy Thai pad krapow goong recipe perfect for weeknight dinners

Authentic shrimp pad Thai recipe with egg on top of rice
Authentic pad krapow goong (shrimp with Thai basil, garlic, peppers and veggies with a fried egg on top) and a side of jasmine, red and brown rice

This easy Thai recipe with shrimp is perfect for weeknight dinners if you’re pressed for time or just want to learn how to make a quick family meal in less than 20 minutes.

Woman making easy shrimp pad Thai recipe
My sister-in-law Tor, originally from Thailand, giving me a cooking lesson on how to make this simple Thai recipe with shrimp.

Mam sister-in-law from Thailand
My sister-in-law Mam, also originally from Thailand, making authentic Thai egg rolls. You, too, can learn how to make them.

I am blessed with two sisters-in-law/love, Tor (pictured in first photo) and Mam (in second photo), who are originally from Thailand. I always look forward to our Thai-American fusion holiday meals and celebrations. We only live three hours apart – I’m in Minnesota and they’re just down I-35 in Iowa. Both have generously offered to teach me how to cook some of our family’s favorite Thai dishes.

Note: While I’m not exactly the most creative cook, Mam and Tor do love my grandmother’s deviled egg recipe and now they make them for our gatherings. I’ll need to share this deviled egg recipe in my new series: 2020: The year of homegating – the new way to tailgate.

Authentic Thai food
Authentic Thai lettuce wraps (which they call something else that I haven’t learned how to pronounce or spell), crab and shrimp at our family celebrations (well, anytime we get together, it’s a celebration – sure am missing them during this pandemic).

Authentic Thai food
Hungry yet? We never go hungry when my sisters-in-law are around. And they consider this Thai spread a snack.

Authentic Thai noodles
Authentic Thai noodles dish

Thai cooking lesson – learn how to cook like a local

This past Christmas, Tor gave me a cooking lesson for an authentic Thai recipe called pad kaprow goong (shrimp with Thai basil, garlic, peppers and veggies – this dish can also come with a fried egg on top) and a side of jasmine, red and brown rice. I’m pretty sure it’s the world’s best Thai recipe.

Woman making authentic pad Thai dinner

This Thai recipe is super tasty, super easy and super quick to make. You can, of course, substitute shrimp with chicken or replace with veggies or tofu to create an authentic pad krapow gai (chicken) meal or an easy vegetarian Thai dish.  

While I am a foodie, I am not a food blogger. But this authentic Thai shrimp pad krapow recipe is so easy, even I can do it. 

Tor says you can find most of the Thai-specific ingredients at your local Asian grocery store or in the specialty foods section (online or in the store). She recommends Healthy Boy brand soy sauces and Golden Mountain seasoning sauce. You can also find these sauces on Amazon: Healthy Boy black soy sauce and Healthy Boy thin soy sauce.

Indoor garden fresh Thai basil
Since Iowa’s growing season doesn’t last all year, my sister-in-law grows Thai basil (and other herbs) in her indoor garden – the best type of basil for Thai recipes.
Fresh Thai peppers growing in garden
Fresh Thai peppers grown in my sister-in-law’s garden.
Woman tying bulbs of garlic together
Tor in her backyard stringing together garlic bulbs for storage.

Top Thai cooking lesson tips: Thai basil

She also recommends Thai basil over the normal sweeter basil. If you want the freshest Thai basil, consider growing it yourself from seed. Tor grows her own Thai basil, Thai peppers and garlic (among other herbs and vegetables – and flowers).

You can also freeze Thai basil with a little oil and use in future Thai recipes. In fact, I have some in my freezer at the moment – available whenever I’m in the mood for this authentic Thai shrimp pad krapow recipe.

Thai cooking tips from a local

Tor is originally from the Kanchana province in Thailand near Burma and The Bridge on the River Kwai (about 2.5 hours from Bangkok). Here she is riding her bike home from the local farmer’s market in Thailand during one of her visits to her homeland. She is definitely an authentic local and cooking pro when it comes to Thai food and recipes.

Woman riding a bike in Thailand

How long does it take to make this simple shrimp pad krapow recipe?

Prep 10 m | Cook 10 m | Ready in 20 minutes or less

Authentic shrimp pad Thai recipe
How to make shrimp pad krapow (with fried egg is optional)

This simple shrimp pad krapow recipe (three servings) is ready in 20 minutes or less. It helps if you measure the ingredients ahead of time.

How many calories are in this simple pad krapow recipe?

Calories for this Thai dish? Not sure, but guestimate less than 400 calories per serving.

Ingredients needed to make authentic Thai recipe: shrimp pad krapow

Authentic pad Thai ingredients
Ingredients for pad krapow goong recipe (fried egg is optional)

Here are the ingredients to make this simple Thai shrimp pad krapow recipe for three servings. It’s even easier to make when you pre-measure your ingredients in small kitchen prep bowls.

6 cloves of garlic  

5 Thai peppers   

Thai basil (to taste)

1 red bell pepper (diced)

12 oz bag of precooked shrimp (deveined and no tail)

1 egg (optional)

½ tsp of brown sugar

½ tsp Healthy Boy black soy sauce

3 tsp Healthy Boy thin soy sauce

2 tsp Golden Mountain seasoning sauce

Extra virgin olive oil (or oil of your preference)

Veggies for garnish (like carrots or cucumbers)

Rice (your preference of white, red, brown or jasmine)

Directions to make this delicious shrimp pad krapow recipe

Measuring soy sauce for shrimp pad Thai recipe

Step 1: Combine and stir soy and seasoning sauces and brown sugar together.

Mortar and pestle with garlic for authentic pad Thai meal

Step 2: Mash garlic and Thai peppers using a mortar and pestle (preferably).

Step 3: Heat a pan on medium high.

Step 4: Add 1 tbs of olive oil to heated pan. Heat up until it bubbles.

Frying pan with vegetables and shrimp for pad Thai recipe

Step 5: Add peppers and garlic, shrimp and veggies.

Step 6: Add sauce mixture.

Step 7: Stir.

Step 8: Cook until shrimp is opaque (about 3 minutes).

Stirring shrimp and Thai basil

Step 9: Add Thai basil.

Step 10: Remove from heat.

Egg frying in pan for easy and authentic shrimp pad Thai recipe

Step 11 (optional): Heat a second pan on medium and add olive oil. When hot, add egg (fry according to your preference).

Tip: Prepare your favorite type of rice ahead of time. Tor typically serves this Thai dish with jasmine, red and brown rice.

Step 12: Transfer the shrimp and veggie mixture to the plate with the rice.

Authentic shrimp pad Thai recipe with egg on top of rice

Step 13 (optional): Place the egg on top of the shrimp and veggies.

Optional: Add cucumbers and other veggies as garnish or side dish.

That’s it. In just a few minutes you and your family can enjoy this quick and easy and authentic Thai recipe: pad krapow goong.

Simple authentic shrimp pad Thai recipe
Simple to make: Authentic Thai recipe: pad krapow goong (shrimp with Thai basil, garlic, peppers and veggies) and a side of jasmine, red and brown rice. Egg is optional.

What to cook next? Authentic Thai egg roll recipe

Authentic Thai egg rolls
These Thai egg rolls are my sister-in-law Mam’s specialty (well, maybe not her specialty, but it’s my favorite). I may or may not eat three or four in one sitting.

Did you try this simple shrimp pad krapow recipe?

Would love to hear from you if you choose to try this authentic Thai recipe: pad krapow goong. Leave your comments below or you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

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How to make authentic Thai food - shrimp pad krapow recipe
authentic Thai recipe shrimp pad krapow
Make authentic Thai food with this shrimp pad kaprow recipe.

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Egg rolls on serving platter with garnish and sauce
My other sister-in-law, Mam, shared her easy-to-make and delicious Thai egg rolls recipe.


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  1. The shrimp dish looks good, but I really want the egg rolls! Actually, I want it all. It’s so cool that your sister-in-law has an indoor garden. I bet it makes the food even better!

    1. I could really go for some of those egg rolls now also. It’s going to be dangerous when I learn how to make them! She grows everything organically and it tastes so good with the fresh ingredients.

  2. I absolutely love Thai food. I was also very fortunate to take a cooking class in Thailand. Made and ate the real deal. I will have to make this recipe now. Thanks for sharing !

  3. Oh man, I’m coming over, lol! I’m totally trying this within the week. Love that your Sis grows her herbs and peppers, it’s the best way to do it. Now I’m hungry, thanks for the recipe!

    1. Awesome…let me know what you think. I didn’t translate some of the Thai words correctly initially, but all good now. I’m amazed by her cooking and gardening skills. She’s so awesome.

    1. Haha! Yes, those egg rolls are amazing! Going to schedule a Zoom cooking lesson with my other sister-in-law soon. Will let you know when posted.

  4. I totally will try this recipe this weekend! I have most of the ingredients in my pantry already (being an Asian myself), so why not? 😀 I might have a hard time looking for Thai basil though, but will check an Asian store. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Pad Krapow is my husband’s favorite Thai dish! He orders it almost every lunch when we’re traveling in Thailand (though usually with pork). I can’t wait to try this recipe once we’re back together after my quarantine!

  6. Looks so tasty! Doing a food tour is what we are doing to satiate our wanderlust while homeward bound too. Great way to feel connected to places we have been!

  7. I love Thai food and never heard of this one! Next time ai go to the Asian store I’ll get these sauces. Thank you for sharing it!

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