Hiker holding water bottle at Golden Gate Heights Park in San Francisco
You can find much of my favorite day hiking gear on Amazon – including the best water bottle for hiking with a convenient paracord strap, and sports cap, wrist strap for my iPhone, the best hiking shoes, and, of course, my favorite Bad Hair Day hat. Photo credit goes to Greg – a local guide at Hidden Stairways of San Francisco – the best Airbnb Experience (the link is not broken; it’s an Airbnb gremlin). Will share more details about that beautiful urban hike soon.

Looking for the best gifts for the day hiker on your list? Here are a few of my favorite things to pack and receive as gifts for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or just because.

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Best gifts for the day hiker on your list

Here’s a curated list of my favorite things to buy for your favorite day hiker – practical gifts they will love and use. Also check out what to pack for a day hike – includes packing lists for summer and winter.

Great stocking stuffers for day hikers under $10

I’ve rounded up the top stocking stuffers for day hikers that are under $10. You could also bundle these hiking gear must-haves up as a themed gift basket.

Water bottle sports cap with straws

One of my favorite things to take on a day hike (or actually anywhere) is my HYDRO CELL water bottle (listed below). And this wide-mouth sports cap with straw is a great accessory.

HYDRO CELL paracord handle with safety ring and carbiner

Another perfect accessory to go with my favorite HYDRO CELL wide-mouth water bottle is this paracord handle with safety ring and carabiner.

Reading glasses / sunglasses lanyards

These lanyards for reading glasses or sunglasses are my favorites on a day hike. They help free up my hands so I don’t lose my reading glasses. And I lose them frequently.

Mobile phone wrist strap

I actually use the Moment wrist strap for my iPhone, however, you can find less expensive wrist straps for mobile devices like this pack of six that comes in under $10. And they have high reviews.

Waterproof pouch for mobile phones

Your day hiker will also appreciate these waterproof phone pouches. This two-pack makes for a very practical and inexpensive stocking stuffer for hikers.

Hiker tool kit

How cute (and practical) is this hiker’s tool? it includes a signal mirror, pry tip, cord cutter, two-position hex wrench, four-position hex wrench, a flat-head screwdriver, ruler, a butterfly wrench, a can opener, and a bottle opener. I don’t have one yet, but am adding to my Christmas list – and it’s only ~$10! They also have different designs such as a boot, a fish, bear, beaver, dragon, dog, eagle, etc.

Fun novelty hiking socks

These Don’t Follow Me socks were made for me! If you ever come across me hiking, do not follow as I’m notorious for getting lost.

Aunt Fannie’s mosquito wipes

Mosquito wipes as a Christmas gift stocking stuffer? Yes! I love Aunt Fannie’s Deet-free and biodegradable mosquito wipes so much, I purchase a case at a time and give them away to people I love. I solo hike frequently (see my related post on my solo SUV camping adventure), and the most common question I get is, “Aren’t you scared hiking alone?” The answer is no. Not really. The only thing that gives me anxiety while hiking are mosquitos and ticks. And I don’t have to worry about mosquitoes with these wipes. They really do work! And they smell good.

TickEase tweezers

And speaking of ticks, these TickEase tweezers are something that we hikers would love in our Christmas stockings or just because. Anyone else grow up removing ticks by lighting a match? Guilty. Apparently, that’s frowned upon. These TickEase tweezers are perfect for safe and fast tick removal.

Not-so-fun fact: While ticks are typically associated with summer, they are always around – even in the winter (even though most of them are dormant, the cold does not kill ticks). I was gifted these tweezers, but I only recommend products I use or would try.

Sunscreen with zinc

Another way to say I love you in a gift exchange: sunscreen with zinc. My dermatologist will thank you. I love the dry touch of Neutrogena’s sheer zinc face sunscreen. And they come in handy 2-oz sizes to easily pack for a day hike or on your travels.

Trees reflecting in a lake at sunset

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Give the gift of trees!

For every dollar you donate, American Forests will plant a tree in an ecosystem that is currently threatened.

Best hiking gifts under $25

A few of my favorite hiking gifts $25 or less.

Really good Darn Tough hiking socks

DARN TOUGH are the best socks for hiking – a great gift hikers will appreciate and under $25. Trust me, we hikers love socks! Good socks!

Novelty moose hiking socks

For something a little more fun, add these hiking moose novelty stocks to your Christmas-giving list for hikers.

Ultra-light and packable day hiking backpack

A lightweight, packable day hike backpack is a great present to give the hiker on your list. And this one comes in several colors under $25.

Best water bottle for hiking

Our entire family loves the HYDRO CELL water bottle – keeps water a consistent temperature. The best water bottles are affordable at under $20 and come in a variety of colors (even some with gradient design) and sizes. See above for the perfect accessories to the best water bottle for day hikes.

Best go-to hat for hiking

I receive so many compliments and questions asking where I purchased this Bad Hair Day hat. It is my go-to hiking hat. And I love it so much, I own two of them – black and army green. They come in several different colors. Trust me – your day hiker will love this hat as a Christmas gift.

Best portable battery charger for hiking

Do not let your day hiker leave home without this slim Anker portable charger. It’s so reliable and holds a charge for like forever (well, days). I belong to a women’s hiking group and the majority agree that Anker is the best portable charger to take with on a hike. And so inexpensive – under $20!

Hiker girl pillow – great gift for women who hike

A fun hiker girl pillow for the days she’s not hiking – makes for a great gift.

Best headlamp hands-free flashlight for hiking

While I tell myself that I won’t be hiking after dark, I admit I have chased the sun many, many times. And once did not arrive back to my car until well after dark. That winter sun goes down super fast. So your day hiker will appreciate a reliable set of two headlamps like these from Gearlight. They make the best stocking stuffers for hikers!

Great gift for hikers – PackIt freezable lunch bag

Absolutely love my PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag. It easily fits into my backpack while hiking and keeps food cold and safe even in 100-degree temps! And it conveniently folds up when not in use. This freezable lunch bag is one of the best gifts you can give day hikers – and they come in different colors and designs to match their personality.

SpiBelt makes a great hiking gift

I originally bought a Spibelt back during my running days. Those days are over, unfortunately. However, I still use my Spibelt on day hikes. It’s a more modern and tasteful fanny pack – perfect for trail running or day hiking when you don’t want to carry around a backpack or if you don’t have slash pockets in your hiking shorts or hiking leggings. And this waist pack is water-resistant – perfect for carrying your smart phone.

Hike more – stress less camp mug

Yes! Hiking is one of my favorite forms of therapy. This 11-oz Hike More Stress Less camp cup makes a perfect gift for your day hiker.

Not all who wander are lost tshirt – great gift for women hikers

Not all who wander are lost tee-shirt makes for an inexpensive, but appreciated gift for hikers.

Great gift idea for hikers and nature lovers: The Hidden Life of Trees

Book in the middle of the forest
Doesn’t this book, The Hidden Life of Trees, look superimposed? It’s not. I brought this book with me on my epic two-week SUV camping road trip while hiking the remaining 23 of 66 MN state parks the summer for 2021. I took a few minutes for a photo shoot while hiking Minnesota’s iconic Lost 40 – protected 40 acres of virgin trees due to a surveying error.

The Hidden Life of Trees: What They Feel, How They Communicate – Discoveries from a Secret World by Peter Wohlleben is one of the best books I’ve read this year. Highly recommend for any tree or hiking enthusiast – fascinating read! See all my one-word book reviews.

The best gift for hikers

An annual pass to Minnesota state parks (or choose your state)!

I will soon publish my local’s guide to all 66 Minnesota state parks – sign up for details!

Gift ideas for day hikers under $50

A few of my favorite hiking-themed gifts for under $50.

Stylish Greek fisherman’s wool cap for hiking in the fall

Woman wearing a navy hat standing in front of an evergreen tree

For something a little more stylish for your day hiker – check out this Santorini Greek fisherman’s wool cap from Tenth Street Hats. It was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. And I highly recommend Tenth Street Hats to find the right hat for the day hiker from their fall collection.

The Santorini cap is suitable for a fall day hike on and off the trail. Tenth Street Hats also offers a variety of your more traditional hiking hat styles for both women and men for all seasons and more strenuous hikes. And the Santorini cap is packable! Makes for a perfect gift for yourself or the day hiker on your Christmas or holiday list.

Nature nourishes the soul leggings

Excited to share my store’s new merchandise collection: Nature nourishes the soul. You can find these leggings in several different colors for under $50. Additionally, my kmfiswriting store features sweatshirts, t-shirts, prints, etc. as well as similar leggings in my Be Still collection.

Best hiking poles to add to your Christmas list

I cannot rave enough about these TrailBuddy Collapsible Hiking Poles. The trekking poles come in a variety of colors (I own the neon green ones and my husband loves his navy trekking poles), a carrying pouch, and are lightweight with comfortable cork grips and wrist bands.

AllTrails app – pro version makes a great gift for hikers

Best hiking trails near Duluth tree roots with woman at Jay Cooke State Park
Find more rugged trails in Minnesota.

One of the best gifts I gift myself every year is the paid version of my favorite day hiking app, AllTrails. It’s only $39 a year or $159 for three years. Check out more of my favorite day hiker apps.

Fun and practical hoodies and sweatshirts

Found myself a gift idea to add to my Christmas list this year: A stick-figure hiker girl hooded sweatshirt for only ~$35. They also come in as tank tops, short-sleeved t-shirts, and long-sleeved t-shirts.

Wrist strap for mobile phones

While you can find less expensive wrist straps for your iPhone and other mobile devices, I’m a huge fan of the wrist straps offered by Moment. I’ve had a fabric version of this wrist strap for three years and it’s still in great condition. It’s great having that peace of mind to trust a wrist strap that won’t break or fail you on a hike – especially when you need your hands free. This leather wrist strap for mobile phones comes in under $30.

Mobile phone case

I’m also a huge fan of Moment’s iPhone cases that my wrist strap attaches to easily. Make sure to purchase one that is compatible with your phone. Protecting a mobile phone while on a day hike (or face planting while walking on a perfectly flat sidewalk like I did last week) is crucial.

Perfect gifts for day hikers under $100

A few of my favorite gift ideas for hikers under $100.

Columbia waterproof hiking shoes

You may be able to find Columbia Outdry Waterproof Hiking Shoes under $100 during holiday sales or online. I found two similar pairs on clearance at a Columbia outlet store for $75 and $35. However, comfort should always come before the budget when purchasing good hiking shoes and boots. This is one area where you do not want to cut costs. Look for deals online and at the factory outlets.

The North Face mitts

Winter hiking and chasing frozen waterfalls are not fun if you’re cold. My favorite pair of mitts are these from The North Face. They’re typically around $70 – but worth it! I prefer mitts over gloves as you can move your fingers around more easily to keep your hands warm. And love that the pull-on closure and the extra length so your entire forearm and wrist area stays warm. For those extra cold days – especially here in Minnesota – I throw in some handwarmers. Tip: I do not find the related toe warmers very effective. I only use the hand or body versions to stay warm.

America the Beautiful National Park Pass

A perfect gift idea for hikers!

Pin it for later – best gifts for day hikers

gift guide for hikers

Best gifts for day hikers

Best gifts for hikers

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  1. I love the “all who wander are not lost” shirt. I definitely have some hiker gal pals who need that shirt. I will put it on their Christmas list.

  2. Great list of hikers essentials. Footwear is everything for those long treks, so socks and shoes are key for me.

    1. Awesome! So happy to hear you’ll use some of these ideas to pack for your next day hike. And I agree that the mosquito wipes and eyeglass lanyards are brilliant…simple but of great value!

  3. LOL I love the socks with the ‘don’t follow me I am lost too’ caption, so funny! Also the cap for the ‘bad hair day’ is hilarious 😂. Really liked reading your post!

  4. Great gift ideas! As a hiker, I was nodding my way through the list! Things like tick tweezers and mozzy wipes might not seem like gifts, but they are so, so useful!

  5. I have quite a few friends who love to camp, so this is a great guide to go off of. I like that you separated it into different budget ranges too – super helpful!

    1. Thank you so much! I like looking at gift guides with the different price points also so adopted that practice here. Happy to hear you found that helpful!

  6. These hiking gifts are wonderful! I’d love all of these in my stocking! I love the hikers tool, it is adorable! I also love the ‘hike more, stress less’ mug! I better start dropping some hints! Thanks for the great gift guide!

    1. Thank you and my pleasure! I love that hikers tool also (going to gift that to myself). And that hike more, stress less mug is pretty cute also. Great gift ideas for hikers!

  7. A great list of ideas, thank you! I think the best gift I’ve received was a walter filter, no more worries as to where I was going to get my water from! And great for eliminating plastic when travelling abroad!

    1. Thank you so much! A water filter is a great gift idea! I’m going to add it to my gift guide for hikers – especially helpful when traveling abroad. Thanks for the suggestion!

  8. This is such a great guide! I love that you include so many options at a variety of price points – there’s really something for everyone! I want to get a whole bunch of those mosquito wipes as stocking stuffers!

    1. Thank you, Kate! I cannot rave enough about Aunt Fannie’s mosquito wipes. I’m serious when I say I buy a case and give them away. I’m a huge mosquito magnet, and these wipes have not let me down yet. I hope you find them just as useful!

    1. Thankyou so much! These are just a few of my favorite gift ideas for hikers – and I thought the hikers tool was super cute (and practical)!

  9. The things I have here I absolutely don’t go anywhere without – my trekking poles and portable charger. The things I don’t have already I now want. I think I just found my outdoor adventures shopping list!

    1. Yes! Trekking poles and portable charger are must-haves for hikers. And so happy you found some great gift ideas for your outdoor adventures shopping list.

    1. Thank you so much! I thought the hiker’s tool was a really cute gift idea. And we love our TrailBuddy hiking poles – they make the best gifts!

  10. So many great hiking gift ideas! I love that adorable hiking tool and those fun socks! Nice having a wrist loop for my phone and those mosquitoes wipes are so handy!

    1. Thank you so much! I love that hiking tool also – going to add that to my own Christmas list of gift ideas. And the wrist strap and the mosquito wipes are a must for me when hiking!

  11. I really need the lanyard for my phone! I take so many pictures, and really hate having to go into my backpack everytime… cuz of course, I never have pockets!

  12. I have a few hikers in my life and this is the perfect list of gift ideas for them. I think lanyard and wrist straps are great gifts that are very functional. You could always use a back up if you have one already too. I also love the idea of sunscreen – I had not thought of including that but it’s something hikers always need!

  13. Oh my gosh, the hiker tool is the cutest. Those mosquito wipes would be ideal here in Florida for my day hikes. I would absolutely love to receive the AllTrails Pro version too, brilliant ideas!

    1. Thank you so kindly! I love that hiker tool also…it makes a great stocking stuffer. And the mosquito wipes would be perfect for Florida. I’ve had great success with them.

  14. This is such a great gift guide! I don’t usually go on hikes, but it’s very useful to know what type of things I could buy for my friend, who loves hiking. Thank you for sharing this guide.

    1. Thank you! I love getting socks as Christmas gifts…especially the fun ones and the warm ones that will protect my feet while hiking.

    1. Thank you! This view of San Francisco was a bit of a climb but such beautiful and rewarding views. Helped that I had some of my great hiking gear that make great gifts!

  15. So many great options for hiking gifts! I don’t do a lot of hiking but I see some clothes I’d love to have for travelling with in general.

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