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Laughter therapy: it’s okay

If you’re needing a little levity during this social-distancing era, here are some shelter-in-place spring break staycation postcards guaranteed to make you smile. While the coronavirus (COVID-19) is no laughing matter, many experts say it’s okay to laugh during this pandemic. I learned from one op-ed piece that it’s called gallows humor – grim and ironic humor in a desperate or hopeless situation.

Finding humor is one way people cope with stress. I am definitely taking the coronavirus serious as I haven’t left my home in nearly three weeks; I’ve learned how to make face masks and disinfectant wipes; and I’ve scrubbed my hands so much that even lotion can’t repair my cracked skin.

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Giving back

I’ve also helped out a friend who owns a restaurant by creating some social media marketing to help promote he’s open for delivery and carryout. And just today I created a communication plan and content for a client that offers technology that could potentially help with the N95 respirator mask shortage. Too early for me to share details, but wanted to demonstrate that in some small way I hope I can make a difference in some capacity.

Laughter therapy: shelter-in-place postcards

So when I came across these funny shelter-in-place postcard images of my friend Jeff on Facebook, I asked for his permission to post on my blog. Jeff and I went to high school together in Iowa (we were in the band together) and life eventually brought us both to the Twin Cities area in a roundabout way. Jeff’s also a gifted singer and actor – and an elementary school library and media specialist who loves to travel.

Since travel is not an option during his spring break this week, Jeff is creating a series of COVID-19 shelter-in-place staycation postcards. I hope they provide you a calming respite and much-needed distraction during these uncertain times.

Stay home. Stay healthy. Stay connected. And if you’re having a little coronavirus anxiety, remember it’s okay to find joy while we navigate through this new way of life.

Man looking at a roll of toilet paper during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.
COVID-19 shelter-in-place staycation postcard: A priceless collection in this museum!!!

Nestle chocolate chip chunks on a pillow
COVID-19 shelter-in-place staycation postcard: The amenities at this hotel are superb!!

Man in a tie-dyed shirt sitting on a white porch.
COVID-19 shelter-in-place postcard: White sand…beaches??!!

Man with wild hair
COVID-19 shelter-in-place staycation postcard: Home perm…who needs a fancy salon??

Man with plastic snoman
COVID-19 shelter-in-place staycation postcard: Visiting the world’s largest miniature snowman!!!

Man pretending to play golf with a vacuum cleaner
COVID-19 shelter-in-place staycation postcard: Fore!

Man with a handheld shower sprayer
COVID-19 shelter-in-place staycation postcard: Beautiful local water feature (I can almost hear Celine Dion.)

Wet ones antibacterial wipes and muenster cheese staycation postcard
COVID-19 shelter-in-place staycation postcard: A brief stop in paradise

A man washing dishes staycation spring break postcards
COVID-19 shelter-in-place staycation postcard: Enjoying the local sights!

A man wearing glasses cutting his hair at home staycation postcards
COVID-19 shelter-in-place staycation postcard: Checking out a new salon!

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Man holding yellow flowers staycation postcards
COVID-19 shelter-in-place staycation postcard: Enjoying the local flower show!!

Man reading garage door instructions staycation postcards
COVID-19 shelter-in-place staycation postcard: Enjoying exciting literature!

Man wearing a bow tie drinking wine and eating peanut butter staycation postcards
COVID-19 shelter-in-place staycation postcard: Fine dining!

Man looking at a painting of the Venice Grand Canal staycation postcards
COVID-19 shelter-in-place staycation postcard: Checking out the latest art scene!

Man tending to a bonsai tree staycation postcards
COVID-19 shelter-in-place staycation postcard: Tending to a bonsai tree

Man wearing sunglasses pretending to get a tan with a lamp staycation postcards
COVID-19 shelter-in-place staycation postcard: Working on a tan!

Stay healthy, my friends

I hope these images brought you a little laughter therapy during this social distancing era. Stay healthy, my friends!

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Wish you were here funny staycation postcards

Laughter therapy for coronavirus COVID-19 anxiety shelter-in-place staycation postcards

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  1. Your friends are hilarious 😆 omg, please save him from the hole salon, lol! I love how smiling and laughing can be ok right now. Yes, the situation sucks- but life is what you make of it. Thank Jeff for the laughs and thank you for your creativity in this post, still laughing here 😅

    1. So happy his humor is bringing joy. Jeff is hilarious and so awesome he agreed to share. I may need to look at these every day to remind myself it’s ok to laugh during this time.

      1. Lol, this cracked me up! 😁 Kudos to your friend for creating these postcards – I love all of it, especially the “art scene”. This should reach more people.

  2. These are really fun! Love the idea, and it’s definitely good to laugh during this time!

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