Exterior of hotel with USPS truck in the street
Best hotel in Salem, Massachusetts: The historic Hawthorne Hotel

Salem, Mass. is one of the oldest cities and one of the most haunted places in America according to those who believe in the paranormal. Here’s what happened when I accidentally booked a room at one of the most haunted hotels in Massachusetts (and in the U.S.).

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The time a scared skeptic accidentally booked a haunted hotel in Salem, Massachusetts – The Hawthorne Hotel

hotel lobby with chairs, tables, rugs and staircase
The historic and allegedly haunted Hawthorne Hotel features 93 guest rooms, a grand ballroom, an onsite restaurant (Tavern on the Green), room service and a small fitness room.

A scared skeptic?

Me. I’m that scared skeptic.

My top criteria when choosing a hotel: location, peer reviews, historical significance, cost and quiet. Now if it were my husband, he would love to add a haunted filter on that hotel search. Not me. I’m what I call a scared skeptic. I don’t really believe, but I don’t not really believe.

I mean there are some things you just can’t explain away. Like the time I stayed in a NYC hotel where I had bad vibes from the moment I stepped out of the elevator. And the creepy sensation continued inside the hotel room. Later that night as I was drifting off to sleep the lights turned on, flickered and then turned off again. I told myself it was because parts of the hotel were under renovation. And the next night I intentionally made sure I was overserved.

So how did I accidentally reserve a room at Hawthorne Hotel, one of the most haunted hotels not just in Salem, Mass., but in the entire United States? Because I chose Hawthorne Hotel for its location, peer reviews, historical significance, cost, and well, I didn’t get as far as quiet (or haunted) apparently on this particular reservation.

Here’s how our family accidentally stayed at the haunted Hawthorne Hotel in Salem


Some background to set the scenario: I got a fabulous $250 roundtrip flight deal from Boston for my solo trip to Madrid. All I needed to do was to get to BOS from MSP. So I used my frequent flyer miles as well as for my return trip to the Twin Cities. Then I thought, why not have my husband and son meet me in Boston for a few days and we’ll make this an efficient and cost-effective family vacation to Boston. So they used their frequent flyer miles to meet me at Logan Airport on my return flight from Madrid. I was beyond excited that I booked two trips (one international and one for an entire family) for almost free.

Searching for great Boston hotel deals

TD Garden Boston Bruins Hockey Rink
Boston TD Gardens – home of the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics

I remained on my almost-free high until I started searching for the best hotel deals in Boston. As it turned out, the timing wasn’t exactly great (early May 2019). Both the Boston Celtics and the Boston Bruins were in the NBA and NHL playoffs. And, as I mentioned, I’m all about hotel location. I prefer a place with a high walkability rating and we were planning to walk The Freedom Trail in Boston. That was only going to happen if I was willing to pay $500+ a night for a hotel room in Boston. I was not willing.

This was in my early days of blogging (Google still hadn’t even authorized my website as a domain yet or whatever it needs to do) so no chance of getting a hosted stay – and no chance when there was very little hotel vacancy in Boston due to the playoff games (fans had them booked).

So I searched my favorite travel search engines, but actually found a great Groupon rate for a two-night stay at this charming historic hotel in Salem, Massachusetts. Hawthorne Hotel had great reviews, lots of history, inexpensive, could walk to a lot of other historical places.

Now, granted, Salem is not exactly Boston. On the map, the two cities may appear close, but timewise it can take more than an hour maybe even two to get from one place to the other. This change in travel plans all worked out as my husband and I have always wanted to visit Salem. This was our chance (we did eventually get to Boston for a day via the train from our friend’s house who lived in North Reading, Mass. at the time).  

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How I learned the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Mass. was haunted

Our Lyft driver.

That’s who informed us that the Hawthorne Hotel was haunted. And in a nonchalant, no-big-deal kind-of-way during our drive from Boston’s Logan airport to the hotel in Salem.

I thought maybe he was kidding, but there’s no way he would have known that I would never intentionally stay in a supposedly haunted hotel. He was not kidding. My son looked it up on his phone and validated our Lyft driver’s story that the Hawthorne Hotel was indeed (allegedly) haunted.

I told my son not to tell me anything. But he told my husband who was then very giddy. I’m pretty sure I sighed and thought, “Well, I am sleep deprived and jet lagged from my Madrid trip so maybe I’ll just sleep through everything.”

And then we’re booked on the most haunted floor at the Hawthorne Hotel

Green and white paneled door room 612
Our room was just two doors down from the haunted room of 612 at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts.

But I didn’t know that. I only kinda figured it out when my husband and son started whispering and laughing when the Hawthorne Hotel desk clerk checked us in and announced our floor and room number.

And not only were we booked on the same floor where the most paranormal sightings occur, but we were like just a few feet away from Room 612 – where numerous people have witnessed a woman’s apparition. I typically blame my husband for a lot of things – and booking at a haunted hotel on the most haunted floor next to the most haunted room seems pretty likely that he had something to do with it. But he didn’t. He didn’t even know the name of the hotel until we were well on our way.

Redrum was the first word that came to my mind when we reached our Hawthorne Hotel room on the most haunted floor. Anyone else?

Carpeted hallway with doors and paneled walls and chandelier
Redrum, anyone? And I’m sure those green orbs are simply reflections from the chandelier or backscatter capturing that which we cannot see with our naked eye (e.g., dust particles). Right?

So what happened when we stayed all night in Salem’s haunted Hawthorne Hotel?


We survived staying on the most haunted floor near the most haunted room in Salem’s haunted Hawthorne Hotel – and not just one night, but both nights.

two beds with white comforters in hotel room with desk and chandelier
Our guest room at Hawthorne Hotel included two very comfortable beds, a large closet, a dressing room off the bathroom, a TV, an office chair and desk. Again, I had to convince myself that those green orbs inside the room were nothing but backscatter reflecting stuff like dust.

Well, not exactly nothing. I became a little disoriented trying to find the bathroom the first night. It’s understandable as I had been at an Airbnb for the previous week. My son must have felt some kind of presence (my presence standing next to his bed – yeah, that’s creepy in and of itself) because I scared the crap out of him unintentionally. Oops.

Oh, and then he woke up to find the closet door closed that he had left open (I had shut it…I think). I heard about that the next day.

Hotel desk, chair, lamp, mirror, closet door
Guest suite at one of America’s most haunted hotels: Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Mass.

And we did see a few orbs on our photos. But they’re just some kind of reflection off those old chandelier lights or backscatter. Probably. That’s what I kept telling myself. Do you see them on the bed in the first guest room image?

My husband was so disappointed. He was more than ready for some paranormal activity at the Hawthorne Hotel. Although we did smell apples while waiting for the elevator one time.

Why is the smell of apples a scary thing at the Hawthorne Hotel?

Interior of older elevator
Preserving the charm and history at Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Mass.

According to what we’ve read and heard from others while visiting Salem, some of the paranormal activity at Hawthorne Hotel includes the previously mentioned apparition of a woman in front of Room 612 as well as roaming around that hallway pictured earlier that makes me think, “Redrum.”

Others have heard a baby crying on the third floor. And there have been numerous reports of smelling apples inside the Hawthorne Hotel. Apparently, the Hawthorne Hotel sits on a former apple orchard that was owned by Bridget Bishop, the first person executed for witchcraft during the Salem witch trials of 1692.

Bridget Bishop Salem Witch Trials Memorial Wall with flowers
The historic Burying Point Cemetery in Salem, Mass. features a memorial wall for the 20 people executed during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692-1693. Bridget Bishop was the first victim.

Maybe someone had just sprayed Febreze, but we all three definitely smelled apples in the hallway – on the most haunted floor of one of the most haunted hotels in America – Hawthorne Hotel.  

Some of the nice and not-so-scary stuff about Hawthorne Hotel in Salem

Would I stay at the historic and haunted Hawthorne Hotel again? Absolutely. And here’s why.

History of Hawthorne Hotel

I’m all about history. Built in the 1920s, the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Mass. was named after one of my favorite authors and Salem native, Nathaniel Hawthorne. It’s designated as one of the Historic Hotels of America by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. This program acknowledges hotels that have maintained their authenticity, sense of place and architectural integrity.

Hawthorne Hotel’s Tavern on the Green; one of the best places to eat in Salem, Mass.

Wooden door that leads to bar

We ate at a few places in Salem, Massachusetts – including one place that earned a spot on my best mac and cheese in the U.S. list. However, for our first night we were too tired to search for a place to eat. So we ate downstairs at Hawthorne Hotel’s Tavern on the Green. No regrets! All the food was fabulous – especially my New England clam chowder. I was in Boston (kinda) so I had to try its clam chowda.

a cup of clam chowder
Not all New England clam chowders are the same. So I must try them all.

Location of Hawthorne Hotel in Salem

Salem, Massachusetts is a very walkable city. We seriously walked everywhere. And Hawthorne Hotel is ideally located right in the heart of Salem making it nearby the best attractions and top things to do. So its location is one of the top reasons why Hawthorne Hotel is the best place to stay in Salem.

Here are the best attractions within walking distance of the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Mass.

Top things to do in Salem, Mass.: Shopping in downtown Salem with all its cute shops and curiosities
Wide pedestrian walkway in front of stores
What’s nearby Hawthorne Hotel? Downtown Salem is just a couple of blocks away from the Hawthorne Hotel.

Downtown Salem is blocked off as a pedestrian walkway with several cute boutiques, places to eat, and places that invite the curious to enter. Downtown is also where we began our amazing Salem historical walking tour, which I’ll write more about in a separate post soon. Hawthorne Hotel is nearby – like literally just a few hundred feet.

Top things to do in Salem, Mass.: Visit the Burying Point Cemetery
Salem Witch Trials Memorial Wall
Best thing to do that’s nearby Hawthorne Hotel in Salem: The Burying Point is one of the oldest cemeteries in the United States. Pictured is the Salem Witch Trials Memorial Wall.

One of the highlights of our historical walking tour was visiting The Burying Point Cemetery, which features the Salem Witch Trials Memorial Wall. This must-do experience is very close to the Hawthorne Hotel. See related post on the most intriguing and beautiful cemeteries in the world.

Top things to do in Salem, Mass.: Photo op with Bewitched statue
Statue of Samantha from Bewitched
Top things to do in Salem that are near the Hawthorne Hotel: I was surprised to learn that this statue of Bewitched (Samantha / Elizabeth Montgomery) is controversial. Watch for a future post to learn why.

Anyone remember Bewitched, the TV sitcom that ran from 1964 to 1972? I’m pretty sure I only saw it in reruns, but my husband watched it in prime time as a child. And he may or may not have had a huge crush on Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery). So he was pretty excited when we discovered her immortalized in a bronze statue in Salem. The statue is very close to the Hawthorne Hotel – only a few blocks away.

And he was excited that she and the TV cast and crew stayed at the Hawthorne Hotel when they filmed an episode of Bewitched in Salem.  

We later learned in our Salem history walking tour that this whole Bewitched thing was a bit controversial. More about that later when I share more details about the top things to do in Salem, Massachusetts in a future post.

Top things to do in Salem, Mass.: Photo op with Nathaniel Hawthorne statue
Nathaniel Hawthorne statue
Best attractions near Hawthorne Hotel: This statue of Salem native, author Nathaniel Hawthorne, is located across the street from the hotel named after him. Hawthorne Hotel, is pictured in the background.

Even closer to the Hawthorne Hotel is another statue – this time the hotel’s namesake, Nathaniel Hawthorne. One of Hawthorne’s classics: A Scarlet Letter.

Top things to do in Salem, Mass.: Tour the House of the Seven Gables and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s birthplace
Flower garden with house in background
Best tours in Salem, Mass. are not always scary – and Hawthorne is nearby one of our favorite places to visit. Make sure to tour The House of the Seven Gables and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s birthplace – top things to do in Salem, Mass.

Touring The House of the Seven Gables (inspiration for the book of the same name) and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s birthplace were one of our top tours and recommended things to do in Salem, Mass. – and within walking distance of the Hawthorne Hotel.

I’ve never read the book, but was inspired to purchase The House of the Seven Gables at a really cute (and supposedly haunted) bookstore called Wicked Good Books. I’ll share more about these experiences in a future Top things to do in Salem, Mass. post.

Top things to do in Salem, Mass.: Shopping or just browsing at Harrison’s Comic and Pop Culture:
Rows of comic books in store
Top local things to do in Salem, Mass. that are close to the Hawthorne Hotel. This super cool comic book store is just a few blocks away from the Hawthorne Hotel.

My two guys were frequent visitors of Harrison’s Comic and Pop Culture store – just off the pedestrian walkway in downtown Salem and a few blocks from the Hawthorne Hotel. So many vintage comic books, toys, posters and so much more. They even brought a couple issues of Archie comic books back to the hotel for me – my favorite comic book growing up! I was Team Betty.

Where to eat in Salem, Mass.: Try the best donuts in Salem

We don’t really know if Honey Dew Donuts is the best; it was the first place we found as it is super close to the Hawthorne Hotel and kept going back. The donuts and breakfast sandwiches were pretty amazing. We don’t normally frequent chains while traveling; however, I believe this franchise is only in Massachusetts. We don’t have Honey Dew Donuts in Minnesota.

Although maybe we should have checked out this Dunkin Donuts in Salem, which our walking tour guide said was haunted. And these ghosts were funny practical joker ghosts. More about that in a future post.

Dunkin Donuts storefront
Not all spirits are evil; the ghosts that allegedly haunt this Dunkin’ Donuts in Salem, Mass. are pranksters. Watch for a post with more details on the top things to do in Salem coming soon.
Tour the Salem Witch Museum – top things to do in Salem, Mass.
Exterior of Salem Witch Museum
Top things to do in Salem, Mass. that are close to the Hawthorne Hotel: The Salem Witch Museum is right across the street / Salem Common from the Hawthorne Hotel (only 600 feet).

You can practically see the Salem Witch Museum from the front entrance of the Hawthorn Hotel; however, we did not get an opportunity to visit as we ran out of time. It’s one of the closest attractions to Hawthorne Hotel. You’ll also walk through the Salem Common (next door to the Hawthorne Hotel) to get to the Salem Witch Museum.

And so many more of the best things to do in Salem are within walking distance of the Hawthorne Hotel. If walkability is one of your top filters when searching for a hotel in Salem, Mass., then I highly recommend the centrally located Hawthorne Hotel. I’ll share more details about these top things to do in Salem in a future post.

No paranormal activity during our stay at the haunted Hawthorne Hotel

Fireplace with table and chair in front

So while we did not experience any paranormal activity during our stay at the historic and haunted Hawthorne Hotel, I can, however, recommend Hawthorne highly as the best hotel to stay in while visiting Salem. I’m hoping to publish our fabulous Salem history walking tour experience soon so please watch for that post. Lots of fun things to do in Salem, Mass.

Other mysterious places and haunted mansions I’ve visited

Here are a few other top places where I’ve visited that people have claimed to be haunted – haunted mansions, haunted cemeteries, haunted farmhouses.

Glensheen Mansion murders and ghost stories

mansion against blue sky
Glensheen Mansion: One of the best things to do in Duluth, Minnesota. While people have reported that this historic home is haunted, I’ve only found it to be warm and inviting.

People claim that Glensheen Mansion is haunted due to the Glensheen murders in 1977. Elisabeth Congdon, heiress to her father’s mining fortune, and her private nurse were murdered inside the Glensheen Mansion. While I did not experience any supernatural vibes (only awe-inspiring beauty), rumors have circulated over the years of seeing ghostly apparitions of two women in the upstairs bedroom window and in the basement as well as mist appearing in the library and lights flickering throughout Glensheen Mansion.

When you take the Glensheen Mansion tour, you will not hear about the murders nor the haunted mansion stories as those tales can be disturbing to some guests. However, the tour guides will answer questions about the Glensheen Mansion hauntings and Glensheen Mansion murders with a brief answer or direct you to the gift store where you can purchase books about the Glensheen murders and haunted stories.

George Stoppel Farmstead in Rochester, Minn.

Night shot of clouds over a dimly lit barn
Historic 1880s farmstead of George Stoppel at the History Center of Olmsted County in Rochester, Minn. is one of the stops on the Haunted Rochester Trolley Tour.

We took a fascinating daytime tour of the historical grounds and buildings while guests of The History Center of Olmsted County in Rochester, Minn. This tour transported us back to what life was like living in Minnesota during the 1860s. One of the highlights was the George Stoppel farmstead – where he and his family and his brother’s family first lived in a cave on the property during the first winter.

We returned that evening as a stop on the Rochester haunted trolley ride. Now while the Stoppel farmstead seems harmless during the day (although I picked up on a creepy sensation as I took photos on the grounds by myself), I must confess this historic place in Rochester, MN gives off a different vibe at night.

One of the Rochester haunted trolley guides (a medium) shared a story of not only seeing an apparition of a man in front of the Stoppel house, but that she was physically pushed away when approaching the front stoop. Again, I’m a scared skeptic so here’s my lovely and not-so-scary experience as guests at the History Center of Olmsted County in Rochester, Minnesota.

Haunted Galena, Illinois Ghost Walk

Most haunted places in Galena Illinois and best ghost tour by candlelight

See my review of the best tour in Galena, Illinois: Haunted Galena Ghost Walk. Led by candlelight, the master storyteller shares unexplained paranormal activities, eerie apparitions, and dark history of this former mining town. Although The Haunted Galena Tour Company hosted me (and my three cousins), opinions are always my own. And my own opinion agrees with TripAdviser. Ranked #1, the Haunted Galena Ghost Walk is the best tour in Galena, Illinois. The Ghost Walk is seasonal (through end of October). However, they offer several other spine-tingling tours and performances. Check out The Haunted Galena Tour Company website for details.

Madrid’s Our Lady of Almudena Cemetery

angel statue in cemetery
Our Lady of Almudena Cemetery in Madrid, Spain is one of the largest cemeteries in Europe – the final resting place for more than 5 million.

I’m not aware of any paranormal activity at Our Lady of Almudena Cemetery in Madrid, Spain. Although with more than 5 million people buried in one of Europe’s largest cemeteries, I’m sure some folks have some ghost stories to share. I visited on a beautiful blue-sky day and was mesmerized by the monuments and memorial at Our Lady of Almudena Cemetery. However, I must admit that I came across many haunting sculptures and mysterious tombs and grave markers. And my brochure was written in Spanish…so maybe? See my full post about my experience at Our Lady of Almudena Cemetery – one of the top things to do in Madrid.

The most mysterious and intriguing cemeteries in the world

angel statue in cemetery
One of the top things to do in Cleveland, Ohio is Lake View Cemetery. It’s one of my favorite cemeteries and features stunning statues, memorials and monuments such as this one: The Angel of Death Victorious | Haserot Angel.

Cemeteries do not scare me. In fact, I find them fascinating and calming – and typically visit them during our travels. I like to think of cemeteries as outdoor art galleries featuring beautiful masterpieces, haunting sculptures and stunning architecture. Learn more about my pursuit of the most beautiful and intriguing cemeteries in the world.

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Hawthorne Hotel: One of the most haunted hotels in the U.S. and Salem, Massachusetts

Where to stay in Salem, Massachusetts: Review of the historic and haunted Hawthorne Hotel

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Cemetery tour Our Lady of Almudena in Madrid Spain
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  1. I’d love to visit Salem! I’m very intuitive and sensitive to energy. I think the whole town would feel haunted to me!

    1. We definitely felt that vibe also. We loved Salem and my husband and I both love New Orleans. Both are awesome! We took a cemetery tour and a ghost tour – I love taking the walking tours especially to learn about the history.

  2. Oh how I love the look and overall vibe of this hotel! You’ve captured the allure of The Haunted Hawthorne Hotel perfectly! I totally want to stay here next time I get to Massachusetts!

  3. This sounds like something I would do! Book a haunted hotel and not even realize it! Looks like a cool experience!

    1. I don’t know how I missed any reviews on that! Salem was an add-on/back-to-back to my Madrid trip so I guess all my focus was on my international trip. We are so happy we stayed at the Hawthorne Hotel. We loved everything about it.

  4. Wow! This is a great article. The photos are great too! I’m not sure if I would stay somewhere known to be haunted, but I do find it very interesting! I have read about the Salem witch trial and it was a terrible thing. I think Salem would be somewhere I would like to visit! thanks!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m surprised that I can even say that I stayed someplace that I knew was haunted…of course, I didn’t realize that until we were nearly there. I’m glad we did stay at the Hawthorne Hotel as it was so centrally located, historic and beautiful. And I have bragging rights about staying at a haunted hotel.

  5. I love Salem! It has been a while since we have been to really look around and tour the different places. We had plans to head this for fall, but with the darn virus, a lot of things are closed. I had to laugh at the Honey Dew comment. We have an ongoing battle in my house whether Honey Dew or Dunks is better.

    1. That’s too funny about the donut battle…I guess we were drawn more to Honey Dew since we don’t have them around us. We loved Salem also and would love to return!

  6. I am definitely adding this hotel to our list when we visit Boston. Payton would love to be able to say that she stayed at a haunted hotel. We also studied the Salem witch trials last year.

    1. The Salem Witch Trials was such an interesting period of time in American history. I’ll send you our walking tour guide’s name…he was more about educating us about all of Salem’s history (and not just the witch trials). He was amazing! And Payton love this hotel…and it’s historic, beautiful and comfortable – and within walking distance of everything!

  7. This hotel definitely looks spooky, it reminds me of the hotel in the movie ‘The Shining’.. this hallway photo especially! Great info here! Salem would be a fabulous place to visit for sure!

    1. That hallway definitely reminded us of The Shining – especially after learning that we were staying on the same floor with the most sightings! We loved Salem and the Hawthorne Hotel…would definitely stay again.

      1. I have always wanted to visit Salem! I’m a huge horror movie fan, so this would be an interesting stay for me, for sure. It definitely gives that type of vibe.

  8. I laughed so much when I read how you scared your son. I guess his own mischievousness backfired on himself. He was definitely on edge. I would stay here too, it wouldn’t be the first haunted place I stayed in. Sounds fun.

  9. You’re a braver lady than me Karen! I definitely get the creepy vibes from the Hawthorne Hotel, especially the part about the closet and the smell of apples! I enjoyed it vicariously from my sofa!!

  10. Such a cool and spooky hotel! I’m bummed I didn’t know about it when I visited about 15 years ago. I’m a little like you, I would intentionally book at a haunted hotel yet it would intrigue me a bit. Salem is such a awesome town and fun for all the history and spookiness. 😁

      1. Of course, I would find a way to accidentally book a room at one of the most haunted hotels in America. 🤣 But we loved our stay at the charming Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Mass.

  11. Omg! This would be a perfect spooky place to visit in October – I am definitely adding this to my list. What a fascinating read. The bit about your haunted hotel gave me chills – I don’t do well with scary stuff like that haha! we have a Salem near us too but isn’t nearly as exciting 😉

  12. This hotel looks very spooky! I have never been to a haunted hotel, but it bet it would be an interesting experience.

  13. I’m glad to hear you didn’t have any encounters with ghosts during your stay! I’m sure it certainly made for an extra bit of excitement nonetheless!

  14. I can’t decide if I’m intrigued or creeped out! The history of Salem happened! That part is interesting to me, yet, it was just such a dark time.

    1. I completely agree…intriguing, but also disturbing. A very dark time, indeed. I loved the walking tour we took as our guide focused more on the history rather than the sensationalism.

  15. I love how it is characterized as a charming historic hotel in Salem, Massachusetts ( I am sure it is). Not sure I want to stay anywhere too haunted. Reminds me too much of watching the Shining as a kid. Yes that hallway is what does it. Redrim indeed!

  16. I really enjoyed reading this Karen, I found it quite funny. I’m not sure I would purposely book a haunted hotel either but we stayed at a place that gave me the chills.

    1. Thank you so much! It’s amazing how a place can give off certain energy. And as a scared skeptic, I pay attention to those vibes.

  17. I loved Salem and it’s been too long since I’ve been back. The witch stuff fascinated me as a kid. Very cool hotel especially for October, just the right amount of creepy. I bet that clam chowder was awesome.

    1. We loved Salem and would definitely return. It does have a fascinating (and disturbing) history. And the chowder was pretty amazing.

  18. Oh no! Group on really let you down, but it at least the ghosts that other people have encountered don’t sound *too* scary! I quite like the sound of smelling spooky apples!