Woman walking on beach at sunset
Isla Mujeres, Mexico North Beach

Sharing spectacular sunset shows from around the world

Sunset on rural country road
This breathtaking sunset was a pull-over moment in rural Minnesota near Mazeppa.

Some of my favorite pictures feature beautiful sunsets and breathtaking sunrises from around the world and right in my own backyard. I hope you enjoy this gallery of gorgeous sunsets and stunning sunrises. It seems that sunsets (and sunflowers) are exactly what the world needs right now. One sunset I captured in rural Mazeppa, Minn. this summer (pictured above) attracted nearly 2,000 likes on Twin Cities TV station’s KARE 11’s Facebook page. Another summer sunset photo was featured in KARE 11’s Sunrise newsletter (see Minnesota’s beautiful sunsets and sunrises section in this post).

One note of photo credit regarding the sunrise photos: I’m not an early bird so it’s likely nearly all the sunrise photos were taken by my husband, Steve.

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Arizona’s beautiful sunsets and sunrises

Sunset in Phoenix, Arizona
Sunset in Phoenix, Arizona

Europe’s spectacular sunsets and sunrises

Pan statue sunset
A beautiful sunset at Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, France.

Sunset on Pan in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, France
Sunset in Jardin du Luxembourg; Paris, France
Beautiful sunset over a busy street in Nice, France.
And the sun goes down in Nice, France – one of my favorite cities in Europe.
Blue pink sunset with folded up beach umbrellas
Capture a beautiful sunset along the Promenade des Anglais on the French Riviera.

Florida sunsets and sunrises

Sunset reflecting in water
Beautiful sunset reflecting in water on Amelia Island, Florida
Sailboat on water with sunset
Taking a sunset sail in Key West is one of the top things to do.
Two sailboats and sunset
One of the top things to do in Key West is to take a sunset sail – see related post.
Sunset and sailboat
Key West, Florida is one of the best places to capture a beautiful sunset.

Hawaii’s sensational sunsets and sunrises

Maui sunrise while deep sea fishing
One way to catch a beautiful sunrise in Maui is to go deep-sea fishing.
Sunset on the ocean with palm trees in foreground
Beautiful Maui sunset on the Pacific ocean with palm trees swaying.

Iowa sunsets and sunrises

Birds in flight against a beautiful sunset in Iowa
Just happened to look up from my phone while in the passenger seat and captured this (only) shot of birds in flight against a beautiful sunset in Iowa – somewhere along I-35.
Beautiful orange and yellow sunset in Iowa
Another beautiful sunset captured from the passenger seat during a road trip to Iowa

Mexico sunsets and sunrises

Sunset on North Beach - Isla Mujeres, Mexico; boats in the water
Sunset on North Beach; Isla Mujeres, Mexico
North Beach Isla Mujeres Mexico sunset with boats in the water and a fence
We captured this beautiful sunset on North Beach; Isla Mujeres, Mexico – just around the corner (when walking on the beach) from where we stayed: Hotel Secreto – a private boutique hotel
North Beach Isla Mujeres Mexico - beautiful sunset with boats int he water
Watching sunsets on North Beach in Isla Mujeres, Mexico is just one thing to do on this island across from Cancun. Check out this intriguing sculpture garden that’s just a block away.
couple standing on dock overlooking lagoon at sunset
And speaking of Cancun, here’s my husband and me at an outdoor restaurant overlooking the lagoon at sunset. Learn why I’ve visited Mexico 27 times over the past 30 years.
Dock on lagoon at sunset
Beautiful sunset in Cancun, Mexico
Sunset overlooking lagoon
Another beautiful sunset captured during dinner in Cancun, Mexico.
gold sunset with palm trees
Beautiful sunset over the lagoon in Cancun, Mexico.
Palm trees, sunset and airplane
Palm trees and sunsets make a perfect combination in Cancun, Mexico.
Sunrise on the beach at Akumal, Mexico with beach chairs
Sunrise in Akumal, Mexico: I’ve visited Mexico 27x over the years, I’m often asked if it’s safe. Here’s my perspective.
Another beautiful sunrise in Akumal, Mexico – captured this sunrise during a beach walk.

Massachusetts sunsets and sunrises

Sunset at Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge
Captured this sunset in the front passenger seat while crossing the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge on the Charles River in Boston, Mass.

Minnesota sunsets and sunrises

You don’t have to be a frequent flyer to capture the world’s best sunsets and sunrises. Here are a few of my favorite sunsets and sunrises right in my own backyard of Minnesota.

Pink and purple sunset in Lakeville, Minnesota
Sunset in my backyard; Lakeville, Minnesota – literally in my backyard as I captured this pink and purple sunset from my back deck.
pink and blue sunset overlooking pond Adirondack chairs and backyard fire pit
My backyard is one of my favorite places to capture sunsets like this one over our neighborhood pond.
Adirondack chairs in backyard with sunset
Another sunset view from my backyard in Minnesota.
Adirondack chairs on patio overlooking sunset
And one final view of this spectacular sunset in my own backyard.
Winter sunset over frozen pond with trees and an island in Lakeville, Minnesota.
Captured this winter sunset over our neighborhood backyard pond last winter in Lakeville, Minnesota.
Sunset creates silhouette of couple sitting on park bench next to tree
A stunning sunset silhouette at Lake Marion, Lakeville, Minn.
Tree and sunset overlooking lake
Tree silhouette on Lake Marion, Lakeville, Minn.
Sunset on lake with rocky shoreline
Love that I’m within walking distance of Lake Marion in Minnesota to capture these beautiful sunsets.
Sunset on Lake Marion with trees in the foreground; Lakeville, Minnesota.
Sunset on Lake Marion; Lakeville, Minn. This lake is only a few blocks from my home – just one of the 11,842 lakes in Minnesota. Here are more of my favorite lakes in Minnesota.
Beautiful golden sunset on Lake Marion in Lakeville, Minnesota
Another beautiful sunset at Lake Marion, Lakeville, Minnesota
Prior Lake, Minnesota sunset
Watching sunsets like this one on Prior Lake, Minnesota is one of my favorite things to do during my summer staycation in Minnesota.
Boat on a lake at sunset
Here is the photo of the beautiful sunset on Prior Lake, Minn. that KARE 11 featured in their sunrise newsletter.
sunset on lake
Prior Lake, Minnesota is a perfect place to chase sunsets.
sunset on lake with a boat wake
Prior Lake, Minn. is one of the top recreational lakes in Minnesota. Learn more.
blue and pink sunset on lake with tree on shore
Prior Lake is just one of my top lakes in Minnesota – see others that made the list.
Gorgeous sunset on Prior Lake in Prior Lake, Minnesota
Another gorgeous sunset on Prior Lake in Prior Lake, Minnesota.
Golden sunset and boats on Prior Lake, Minnesota
Our friends live right on Prior Lake in Prior Lake, Minnesota so have captured many sunsets on their pontoon boat or while docked at Charlie’s on Prior.
Fall sunrise on Lake Superior in Beaver Bay, Minnesota with an evergreen tree
My husband captured this beautiful sunrise in Beaver Bay, Minnesota on Lake Superior during our fall foliage staycation.
Sunrise on Lake Superior in Beaver Bay, Minnesota with trees.
My husband also captured this beautiful sunrise in Beaver Bay, Minnesota on Lake Superior during our fall foliage staycation.
Sunrise over Lake Superior with lighthouse on Canal Park in Duluth Minnesota
Duluth, Minnesota is one of my favorite places to visit in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. You’ll find lots to do in Duluth such as visiting the historic Glensheen Mansion or walking along the Lakewalk on Canal Park. That is where my husband captured this beautiful sunrise in Duluth, Minnesota.
Aerial photo of a sunset and Minneapolis, Minnesota lakes taken from airplane
Sunset in Minneapolis, Minnesota on our descent into MSP airport
Sunset at TCF Bank Stadium over Minneapolis, Minnesota skyline during a football game.
Sunset at TCF Bank Stadium; Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sunset and rainbow over a lake Baby Lake, Minnesota
My friends own a cabin on Baby Lake in Minnesota. I really lucked out on this shot with a beautiful sunset and pretty rainbow.

Beautiful sunsets and sunrises in Missouri

fountains and sunset
Kansas City, Missouri is known as the City of Fountains. The beautiful Henry Wollman Bloch Fountain was designed by the same person who created the Bellagio Fountains in Las Vegas. Stunning with the sunset in the background.

Thank you for visiting my sunset and sunrise photo gallery. Let me know which sunset is your favorite in the comments. Check back regularly for updates or you can subscribe to my newsletter for updates sent directly to your inbox (typically only send one newsletter a month).

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  1. What an amazing collection of sunrise and sunset pictures. Inspires me to want to go out and experience my own right now. Reminds me of heading out to the beach almost every night to watch the sun set in Varadero, Cuba during our trip last winter. It’s not something I watch for or take notice of very often in my every day life. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. These sunsets and sunrises are so beautiful! I need to take more pictures like these! I love that feeling of both the day beginning and the day ending!

    1. That is a great feeling! My husband is really good at catching the sunrises (which I’m so grateful as they are pretty magical). And I love chasing sunsets.

  3. I think that’s so cool to have a backyard that’s a great spot for sunsets. I tend to plan for sunset shoots for when I’m away. You’ve done well to capture so many great sunsets.

  4. I am one of those people who takes millions of photos of sunrises and sunsets. If I had to chose, I would probably go with sunrises. They’re a great way to start the day! Thank you for sharing these beautiful images from around the world!

  5. What a treat for fellow sunset lovers such as myself! Mexico has some stunning colours as does Kansas. I really enjoyed this one!

  6. I love sunsets with clouds in them. You’ve captured quite a lot with some interesting clouds and I really love this E’s ones. And the sunset picture you have while driving over the Zakim bridge is so special.

  7. Gorgeous collection here! But I’m sad you missed the beautiful sunrises/sunsets of the great PNW! Regardless, I loved viewing the other sunshine views from various states! Hawaii is quite epic too!

    1. Thank you! And I’m sad that I haven’t been to PNW to see the beautiful sunrises/sunsets. I’m sure once I get the opportunity to visit I’ll be adding a few to this best sunsets and sunrises collection.

  8. Beautiful photos Karen! There is something magical at both sunrise and sunset although like you I’m not a morning person. If I’m on vacation then I’ll get up early otherwise I focus on the sunsets! 😁

  9. I knew as soon as I read the title that I’d fall in love with this post! You have seen so many beautiful ones, I especially like the ones in Hawaii and the ones by the lakes in Minnesota! My favourite sunrise was in India, and my favourite sunset in Cambodia!

  10. It is soo amazing how there are a soo many variations to sunsets based on geographical location! I mean, knowing is one thing and seeing all these stunning shots is another! I dont even think I could choose which I like the best!

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