The best streaming shows to watch right now.

Anyone else excited that Ted Lasso Season 3 starts March 15? I’ve spun-off my one-word review series to feature the best shows streaming on Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Paramount+, Peacock. The best streaming shows I’m watched and loved over the past year or so include Fargo, Ted Lasso, Yellowstone, Succession, The Queen’s Gambit, Ozark, 1883, and more. And I just recently discovered Modern Family and Schitt’s Creek. Updated: 03.11.23

One-word reviews of the best shows streaming now on Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Paramount+, Peacock

Here are the best streaming shows I’ve watched recently on the top streaming sites such as Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Paramount+, Peacock. In the same spirit as my one-word movie reviews and one-word book reviews, I’ll add new one-word reviews of streaming shows to this post regularly. All streaming show reviews are based on a 5-star rating. If I’m in the process of watching a streaming series, I’ll note with a TBD.   

Enjoy some binge-watching on the best shows to stream right now!

Note: You are able to purchase season passes for some of these shows on different streaming sites; my one-word reviews are based on where I watched these shows.

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Best shows streaming on Amazon Prime – one-word reviews

Yellowstone is by far the best streaming show on Amazon Prime. Here are a few more. Have you watched any great shows on Amazon Prime that you could recommend to me?

  • Jack Ryan streaming show review: 5* Thrilling
  • The Terror streaming show review: TBD* Suspenseful (I finished the book, The Terror, earlier this year and loved it! Looking forward to watching the streaming show that’s based on the book. See all my one-word book-reviews.)
  • Yellowstone streaming show review (also on Paramount): 5* Unraveling (My husband and I love this show and can’t wait for its return – family and tensions between ranchers, developers and tribal nations.) And also watched its prequels: 1883 and 1923 on Paramount+ (which we love!).

Best streaming shows to watch on Apple TV+ – one-word reviews

Here are the best and maybe-not-so-great streaming shows to watch on Apple TV+ and my one-word reviews.

  • The Morning Show streaming show review: 5* Cutthroat
  • Severance streaming show review: 5* Gripping
  • Ted Lasso streaming show review: 5* Funny!

Best shows streaming on Disney+ – one-word reviews

It doesn’t appear I’ve watched many streaming shows on Disney+ yet, but have watched a few movies like Frozen and Frozen II. See my related post: One-word movie reviews.

  • Get Back Beatles Documentary: 5* Fascinating

Best shows streaming on HBO Max – one-word reviews

Here are the best streaming shows on HBO Max currently.

  • Barry streaming series review: 5* Conflicted
  • Chernobyl streaming series review: TBD* Devastating (I still have a couple of episodes to watch in this highly acclaimed streaming series; it’s disturbing, but shows a spotlight on what happened and how this tragic occurred.)
  • Game of Thrones: 5* Epic (I bingewatched all seasons when I traveled to a GoT filming location: Dragonstone in Spain).
  • Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts: 5* Nostalgic (now I want to reread and rewatch every Harry Potter book and movie)
  • Raised By Wolves series review: 3* Meh (We were drawn in for the first few episodes, we didn’t complete it.)
  • Silicon Valley streaming series review: 5* Comical
  • Succession streaming series review: 5* Dramatic
  • The Outsider streaming series review: 5* Chilling
  • Veep streaming series review: 5* Hilarious
  • The White Lotus streaming series review: TBD* (I just started watching this show to see what all the fuss is about. Have you seen it yet?)

Best shows streaming on Hulu – one-word reviews

Hulu is the streaming service we watch the most and here are my top shows currently streaming.

  • America’s Got Talent streaming series review: 5* Talent
  • 11.23.63 streaming series review: TBD* Thriller (I first want to read the Stephen King book that this streaming show is based on.)
  • Fargo streaming series review: 5* Dramedy
  • The Handmaid’s Tale streaming series review (first season): 5* Oppression
  • Hell’s Kitchen streaming series review: 5* Competitive
  • Hoarders streaming series review: 5* Intriguing
  • Law and Order: SVU streaming series review (all 20+ seasons): 5* Dramatic
  • Lego Masters streaming series review: 4* Creative
  • Little Fires Everywhere streaming series review: 5* Motherhood
  • Master Chef streaming series review: 5* Inspirational
  • Modern Family streaming series review: 5* Funny (all 11 seasons!)
  • Nine Perfect Strangers streaming show review: TBD* – I have the book so planning to watch this show when I finish
  • 1,000-lb. Sisters streaming series review: 5* Wellness
  • Schitt’s Creek streaming series review: 5* Hilarious (I binged-watched all 6 seasons of Schitt’s Creek and am rewatching again with my husband)
  • This is Us streaming series review: 5* Family
  • The Voice streaming series review: 5* Entertaining
  • Welcome to Plathville streaming series review: 4* Overprotective

Best shows streaming on Netflix – one-word reviews

Here are my one-word reviews of the best shows streaming on Netflix.

  • Arrested Development streaming series review: 5* Hilarious
  • Cobra Kai streaming series review: TBD* (My husband loves this show; I still need to watch.)
  • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee streaming series review: 5* Funny
  • Down to Earth streaming series review – TBD* Environment
  • The Last Dance streaming series review – TBD* Passion (I’ve only watched one episode, but my son loved this series.)
  • The Office streaming series review – 5* Witty (Okay, that word doesn’t even come close to the brilliance of The Office. I believe The Office has moved off Netflix and over to the streaming site of NBC Peacock.)
  • Ozark streaming series review (all seasons) – 5* Trainwreck
  • Peaky Blinders streaming series review – TBD* My husband and son would give Peaky Blinders 5* I’m pretty sure. I haven’t watched it yet will ask them for their one-word review of this must-watch streaming show on Netflix.
  • The Queen’s Gambit streaming series review– 5* Sensational
  • Schitt’s Creek streaming series review – 5* Brilliant
  • Stranger Things streaming series review (all seasons) – 5* Suspenseful

Paramount+ offers some of the best streaming shows – one-word reviews

Here’s what we’re currently streaming, watching, and loving on Paramount+.

  • 1883 streaming series review – 5* Love! (the predecessor to Yellowstone)
  • 1923 streaming series review – 5* Absorbing

Best shows streaming on Peacock – one-word reviews

Here are several shows that have moved from Hulu or Netflix or on NBC prime time that I typically watch on Peacock.

  • Chicago Fire streaming series review – 5* Action-packed
  • Chicago Med streaming series review – 5* Addicting
  • Parks and Rec streaming series review – 5* LOL (Note that I watched this on Netflix or Hulu. If you’re having a bad day, make this your go-to show for guaranteed laughs.)
  • The Office streaming series review – 5* Witty

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One-word reviews of the best streaming shows to watch right now


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    1. I’m going to miss the nice weather to do my hiking, but am looking forward to reading more and escaping with some of my favorite streaming shows.

  1. I don’t watch much tv, but my kids are loving the behind-the-scenes show on Disney+ all about Animal Kingdom. And there is another one on Disney+ about building super cars that my Husband loves.

    1. I’ve heard great things about Schitt’s Creek and it’s won a lot of awards. Got a lot of winter coming up soon to try your streaming show recommendations.

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