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It’s all about the girl
at the end of the thumbs.

That’s it.

It really is that simple.

Several years ago, 11 of us women planned a getaway to Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Many of us knew each other well; some of us not at all as we invited friends or family members outside our normal circle.

Beach umbrella on beach; Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Trying to find something for everyone at the same time would be a logistical and stressful nightmare. So we all agreed that this was our vacation. And we would do what we wanted with no peer pressure.


If you wanted to go horseback riding or dance the night away or watch the super moon rise. Have fun! I’ll be over here in the sand.

Strawberry daiquiri on the beach; Hotel Secreto; Isla Mujeres, Mexico

My friends and family know that when I go on a beach vacation, my agenda rarely deviates from my sole purpose of recharging.

Beach. Book. Beer.

And sometimes a Miami Vice. But that pretty much sums up what I do. Of course, if I wake up and in the mood to walk the beach or take a tour then, of course, I will.

We all had an amazing time…because it’s all about the girl at the end of the thumbs.

And that simple mantra has worked on every girls trip I’ve been on since.


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  1. Cute article and all so very true. This is how I like my girl’s trips. I went on one last year that was a nightmare. It was all about sticking together and not being able to do what we wanted to do. Never again!

    1. That would drive me crazy…it really helps for everyone to be on board and be okay that we have different expectations and priorities.

  2. Sounds wonderful, and YESSS…I definitely have to remember to just take a vacation once in a while to recharge…not to see and visit as many attractions as humanly possible! 😉

    1. I hear ya…when I visit a new place I want to see and do everything (which is exhausting) so is nice to have those times to just sit, read, reflect, recharge.

  3. So fun. I need to do a girls trip, Idon’t know if it would be 11, but still needed. So hard logistically, but once done a success!

  4. I need a gal’s trip, but one with some independence too. Glad to see it can workout that way. 11 people is a lot to stay on the same page for sure!

  5. This is so true! We recently took a girls trip on a cruise. Not all of us knew each other, but that is exactly how we went into it. Everyone does what they enjoy and we will meet up for dinner. It worked perfectly! Some went onshore, some did excursions, some laid by the pool, some enjoyed the casino, but everyone did what made them happy and we all had an amazing time!

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