2020 Oscar Predictions

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Who will win 2020 Academy Awards?

We are a movie-loving family. And Oscars night is a family tradition that dates back to when my son wasn’t even old enough to watch some of the movies (most of them).

While we have watched all the 2020 Oscar-nominated Best Pictures and most of the Academy Award-nominated Best Actor and Best Actress films this season, we haven’t seen every movie in every category. (Personal note: Although an ensemble cast, it was disappointing that no one from Parasite was nominated in any of the actor or actress categories as that movie just blew us away. Would love it if Parasite is the dark horse and wins best pic; it should win international feature film. See our one-word movie review of Parasite.)

Post Oscars editorial note: Yay! Our entire house is cheering because Parasite was indeed the dark horse. Go watch it now on iTunes.

So we never really know who will win the Oscar pool. And what do we win other than bragging rights? The loser buys dinner of the winner’s choice.

I’ve lost the past few years so am hoping I win because while I love Red Robin (usually their restaurant of choice), I’d rather go somewhere on my quest to find the best mac and cheese. I should win this year as I am Karen Karen from the year 2020 (that travel-related story and confession coming soon). I typically vote on who I think should win rather than who will win.

I’ll update this post after the 2020 Academy Awards show is over to let you know how we fared. Post Oscars editorial update: It’s Red Robin again as I came in second with getting 11 right out of 24, losing to my son Sam who got 13. But I’m not buying as my husband Steve came in last with 7. We agreed this year that no one could do any research to choose their picks.

I would love to hear how many Oscar predictions you got right. Here’s where you can download and print an Oscars ballot that lists all the Oscar nominations and Academy Award categories so you can have your own Oscar pool party. This version of the 2020 Oscars ballot is from Rotten Tomatoes so includes movie critics and movie audience ratings. Although don’t let that influence you too much. They don’t always align with how the members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences vote.

Until then (Oscars begin at 7 p.m. Central, Feb. 9, 2020 on ABC), here are our 2020 Oscars predictions on who will win this year’s Academy Awards.

kmfiswriting: 2020 Oscars predictions

Steve: 2020 Oscars predictions

Sam: 2020 Oscars predictions

Let us know in the comments who you’re cheering to win 2020 Oscars for Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Actor, etc.

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