Orange waves of sandstone in Lower Antelope Canyon hike
Lower Antelope Canyon: one of the best places to visit in Arizona and one of the best day trips from Las Vegas, Phoenix and Sedona

One of our family’s favorite vacations is the stunning and surreal Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona. With 2k+ likes and 655+ shares, it is also one of my most popular Facebook posts. Underground flash flooding created beautiful works of art in Lower Antelope Canyon. Every turn in Lower Antelope Canyon is breathtaking and mesmerizing. You’ll feel like you’re on a different planet – but Lower Antelope Canyon and Upper Antelope Canyon are both just a day trip and beautiful road trip away from Sedona, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah.

Editorial note: Original post published March 6, 2019. Updated: Jan. 22, 2022. Antelope Canyon is located in the Navajo Nation Tribal Park. Check the Navajo National Tribal Park website for updates about Antelope Canyon.

Best day trip from Las Vegas, Phoenix or Sedona – add Lower Antelope Canyon to your bucket list

Lower Antelope Canyon rock formation looks like a lion
A natural art gallery, you’ll find mesmerizing sandstone formations throughout your tour of Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona. This image reminds me of Mufasa from The Lion King.

When you are visiting the southwest United States, make Antelope Canyon a priority to visit. Located near Page, Arizona, both the Lower Antelope Canyon and Upper Antelope Canyon are both just a day trip away from several popular travel destinations. These destinations include Las Vegas, Nevada; Phoenix, Arizona; Sedona, Arizona; Zion National Park in Utah; Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. This post focuses on our visit to Lower Antelope Canyon.

How far is Lower Antelope Canyon from me?

purple and orange waves sandstone formations with opening to the sky
Lower Antelope Canyon is the perfect road trip and day trip from several popular southwest U.S. travel destinations such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, Sedona, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.

Here’s a list of road-trip distances to Lower Antelope Canyon from other popular travel destinations. You can find more travel distances to and from Lower Antelope Canyon in the FAQ section of this post.

How far is Lower Antelope Canyon from Las Vegas?

Lower Antelope Canyon is a convenient road trip from Las Vegas. The distance from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS) to Lower Antelope Canyon is 284 miles (approximately 4.5 hours).

How far is Lower Antelope Canyon from Phoenix?

Lower Antelope Canyon is also a convenient road trip from Phoenix, Arizona. The distance from Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) in Phoenix to Lower Antelope Canyon is 277 miles (approximately 4 hours).

How far is Lower Antelope Canyon from Sedona, Arizona?

We flew into Phoenix and stayed in Sedona, Arizona (120 miles from the airport) and was picked up by our tour guide. Lower Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona, is about 160 miles from Sedona (about a three-hour road trip – but plan more time as you’ll want to take a photo op stop at Oak Creek Canyon and spend some time in Flagstaff, Arizona).

How far is Lower Antelope Canyon from Zion National Park?

If you’re visiting Zion National Park in Utah, you can take a day trip to Lower Antelope Canyon – a distance of 120 miles (about a 2.5-hour road trip).

How far is Lower Antelope Canyon from Bryce Canyon National Park?

Lower Antelope Canyon is 94 to 157 miles from Bryce Canyon National Park – depending on which route you take. The road-trip from Utah to Page, Arizona is a little less than three hours.

Taking this road trip to Lower Antelope Canyon is worth the detour. You won’t regret this beautiful hike through the magical slot canyons.

And if you’re in Arizona, think about checking out the stunning slot canyons in Utah. Check out this list of 11 Utah slot canyons that should be on your bucket list!

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Why Lower Antelope Canyon is the best spring break vacation

Family of three, a man, teenager and a woman in Lower Antelope Canyon
My husband (Steve), son (Sam), and me during our Lower Antelope Canyon tour – one of our best family spring break vacations.

Aside from the occasional staycation, my husband, son and I typically travel someplace warm for spring break. We live in Minnesota so it’s almost a requirement for our sanity. I was afraid once my son went away to college those family trips would stop.

Beyond happy when Sam said he’d like to go on a family vacation during his freshman year. I tend to lean toward the beach with a book and a beverage vacation, but he and my husband, Steve, prefer a little more activity. See my son’s recommended best spring break family vacations. Antelope Canyon also made the list as one of the best emptynester destinations.

So that’s why I suggested a hiking vacation in Sedona and Lower Antelope Canyon in Arizona. They both agreed, and it was the best decision ever – one of our favorite family vacations ever.

And spring break is the perfect time to visit Lower Antelope Canyon as the crowds are small and we did not experience any lines. In fact, our tour guide said that we were very fortunate when we visited in the first week of March. Sometimes the lines to take the Lower Antelope Canyon tour can be hours long. March was the best time to visit Lower Antelope Canyon. And the temperatures are comfortable. In fact, we needed jackets taking the Lower Antelope Tour as it is underground.

One of the most beautiful and best places to visit in Arizona – Lower Antelope Canyon

Different shades of limestone in a slot canyon at Lower Antelope Canyon with small opening to the sky
Lower Antelope Canyon is the best place to visit in Arizona for family vacations, emptynester trips, solo travel or girlfriend getaways.

I had never heard of the natural wonder of Antelope Canyon until I saw photos on Facebook from an Australian couple we met on our tour of Italy and Greece. (Thanks Pete and Linda!). So am more than happy to pay it forward by sharing all you need to know about Lower Antelope Canyon before your tour. It truly is one of the best places to visit on your U.S. travel bucket list.

Lower Antelope Canyon is beautiful beyond words – every turn of this slot canyon of red sandstone is mesmerizing! Highly recommend Antelope Canyon not only for family vacations, but also emptynester road trips, solo travel and girlfriend getaways.  


How to book Lower Antelope Canyon tours

Orange sandstone formation that looks like a shark's fin at Lower Antelope Canyon
Love how the natural and colorful sandstone formations in Lower Antelope Canyon create works of art – this image reminds me of a shark fin or an ocean wave.

Located on Navajo Nation tribal lands (Navajo National Tribal Park), the beautiful Antelope Canyon was created by underground flash floods, and only accessible with a native Navajo guide. You cannot tour Antelope Canyon on your own.

We were told Lower Antelope Canyon was only discovered when a young girl’s sheep fell into the slot canyon in the 1930s. 

While you can certainly drive and book an Antelope Canyon tour on your own, I prefer to hand the wheel over to a reputable and authorized tour company. That provides freedom to admire the view and make stops on the road trip from Vegas, Phoenix, Sedona or the Utah national parks. And you don’t have to worry about traffic, parking or getting lost. I‘ve also found that tour guides have the best connections and tell the best stories about the area along the way.

We were staying in Sedona so booked the Lower Antelope Canyon option with Great West Tours. They picked us up at the hotel in a small bus (and later dropped us off as well). Loved that it was a more intimate group with fewer than 10 people, which allowed us to connect with each other and ask questions. I’ve been on large group tours and sometimes it’s difficult to hear and don’t get as much value out of them. 

Pink Jeep Tours also offer great day trip tours from Las Vegas, Phoenix and Sedona.

Best roadside attractions and photo-op stops near or on the way to Antelope Canyon

Family of three at Horseshoe Bend man, woman and teenager
The beautiful Horseshoe Bend is just a short drive from Lower Antelope Canyon – so make sure to add it to your day trip itinerary.

Our full-day tour to Lower Antelope Canyon also included a drive through beautiful Oak Canyon, Flagstaff and Page, Arizona (closest city to Antelope Canyon). We also made a stop on the way back at the iconic Horseshoe Bend for a short hike and photo ops, as well as brief photo op stop at Glen Canyon Dam. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Lower Antelope Canyon – all you need to know before your visit

Beam of sunlight in Lower Antelope Canyon with orange sandstone formation
Lower Antelope Canyon offers so much beauty – every turn in this slot canyon is stunning.

My Facebook post about Lower Antelope Canyon generated more than 100 comments so am providing more details in this frequently asked questions (FAQ) section. If you have any additional questions or comments, please leave a comment below or contact me directly.

Where is Lower Antelope Canyon located? 

Purple swirl sandstone formation at Lower Antelope Canyon with a hint of daylight
Lower Antelope Canyon is located near Page, Arizona near the border of Utah.

Lower Antelope Canyon is located near Page, Arizona in north-central Arizona near the Utah border. Here’s a list of the distances to Lower Antelope Canyon from popular travel destinations in southwest United States.

  • Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah: 94 to 157 miles to Lower Antelope Canyon (depending on which route you take)
  • Flagstaff, Arizona: 130 miles to Lower Antelope Canyon
  • Glen Canyon Dam; Page, Arizona: 13 miles to Lower Antelope Canyon
  • Grand Canyon North Rim Visitor Center; Marble Canyon, Arizona: 127 miles (note: always check for the best route as some roads may be closed during the winter and may result in longer distances – sometimes as much as 10 hours)
  • Grand Canyon South Rim Visitor Center; 218 miles to Lower Antelope Canyon
  • Horseshoe Bend; Page, Arizona: 7 miles to Lower Antelope Canyon
  • Lake Mead National Recreation Area (Nevada / Arizona): 245 miles to Lower Antelope Canyon
  • Lake Powell – Antelope Point Marina (boat access); 5 miles to Lower Antelope Canyon
  • Las Vegas, Nevada: 284 miles to Lower Antelope Canyon
  • Phoenix, Arizona: 277 miles to Lower Antelope Canyon
  • Sedona, Arizona: 160 miles to Lower Antelope Canyon
  • Zion National Park, Utah: 12 miles to Lower Antelope Canyon

Can you take tours of Lower Antelope Canyon? Can you tour Lower Antelope Canyon on your own? 

Red sandstone formation in the shape of a Native American chief in Lower Antelope Canyon
Another beautiful work of art created by nature at Lower Antelope Canyon: Looks like the profile of a Native American chief.

All areas of Antelope Canyon are considered sacred Navajo Nation tribal lands and only accessible to tour with a native Navajo guide. Check online for guided tour operators (here’s a list from the Navajo Nations Park Organization). If you book Lower Antelope Canyon through a tour operator, like we did, they will make the necessary arrangements. 

What is the best Lower Antelope tour company?  

Since we were staying in Sedona, Arizona, we booked our Lower Antelope Canyon tour with Great West Tours. This tour to Lower Antelope Canyon included pick-up/drop-off at our hotel, a drive through Oak Canyon, Flagstaff, a lunch stop in Page, and photo stops at Horseshoe Bend and the Glen Canyon Dam.  

Or take a Sedona day trip to Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend and surrounding destinations with Pink Jeep Tours. We’ve booked a few tours with them as well.

I also highly recommend checking Get Your Guide for booking your Lower Antelope Canyon tour. Please note that I’m an affiliate with Get Your Guide so I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Can I bring my camera to Lower Antelope Canyon? Can I take photos in Lower Antelope Canyon? 

Woman and teenage boy taking cell phone pictures in Lower Antelope Canyon
My son and I taking stunning photos of Lower Antelope Canyon with our cell phones.

Absolutely! All images of Lower Antelope Canyon in this post were taken on our iPhones, so no special cameras necessary (all my top-rated Lower Antelope Canyon images photos are available for purchase and immediate download from my Etsy page). I especially like the Moment Wide Lens and case that fits right on my iPhone (also works on Pixel and Samsung Gallery phones. Before ordering, make sure it’s compatible for your specific phone model).

Can I bring professional camera equipment like a tripod on my Lower Antelope Canyon tour?

Man looking up with a cell phone in his hand at Lower Antelope Canyon
That’s my husband, Steve, taking in all the majestic beauty of Lower Antelope Canyon. This image illustrates how narrow some of the passageways are so backpacks are not allowed.

Yes, you can take photos on your Lower Antelope Canyon tour. For most Lower Antelope Canyon tours, they do not allow tripods or other professional camera equipment. Check with your tour operator for specially guided photography tours at Lower Antelope Canyon. 

If you’re a photographer (amateur or professional) or a blogger with thousands of images on your camera, computer or phone, sign up to become a contributor with Shutterstock using my link! Two of my images were downloaded and purchased within hours of posting. It does not pay great to start (the more you sell, the higher your commission percentage). But it is a way to earn passive income – and your photos are not earning any money sitting on your computer, phone or camera.

Can I bring a selfie stick on my Lower Antelope Canyon tour?

No. Selfie sticks are not allowed on the Lower Antelope Canyon tour. In fact, you can only bring in what you can carry in your pockets. Other prohibited items at Lower Antelope Canyon include: backpacks, fanny packs, purses, tripods, food and drinks. You are allowed one bottle of water (bring a reusable water bottle, not a single-use water bottle, as there are no trash cans or restrooms for public use at Lower Antelope Canyon.

Please follow the Leave No Trace philosophy. What you bring in, you must take with you. This helps ensure future visits and tours of Lower Antelope Canyon for all guests.

Is Lower Antelope Canyon a difficult hike? How long is the hiking trail at Lower Antelope Canyon?  

Two men emerging from slot canon at Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon is a relatively easy hike (less than one mile roundtrip). However, you do need to climb up and down ladders, stairs and steps (with handrails). You’ll also find some low-hanging rocks and uneven terrain in a few areas in Lower Antelope Canyon, as well as narrow passages. Overall, Lower Antelope Canyon is easily manageable to hike.

Are children allowed to tour Lower Antelope Canyon? Can I bring a stroller on my tour of Lower Antelope Canyon? 

Tourists walking down stairs to Lower Antelope Canyon
A set of stairs will lead you down to Lower Antelope Canyon.

It appears children are allowed to tour Antelope Canyon with some operators. However, personally, I think it would be difficult to bring very young children who are unable to walk long distances on their own. At Lower Antelope Canyon, you have to climb up and down ladders, stairs and steps, and some of the passages are not wide enough for strollers. 

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Is Antelope Canyon wheelchair-accessible?  

Stairs leading up from Lower Antelope Canyon
While Lower Antelope Canyon is a relatively easy hike, you will experience some uneven terrain, narrow passageways, stairs leading down and steps leading up out of the slot canyon.

Antelope Canyon is not wheelchair-accessible. 

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How much does it cost to tour Lower Antelope Canyon? 

Please check Lower Antelope Canyon tour operators for the most recent prices. Or I recommend booking a Lower Antelope Canyon tour with a tour operator who will take care of all the logistical details for you. You can usually find great deals for Antelope Canyon tours with Viator, LivingSocial or Pink Jeep Tours.

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How far in advance should I make reservations for a Lower Antelope Canyon tour?

Spots fill up fast for Lower Antelope Canyon tours. I recommend making your reservation as soon as you have finalized your travel plans to Arizona. Some tour companies only operate on certain days for Antelope Canyon as they have scheduled tours on other days of the week.

What do I wear to go hiking at Antelope Canyon? 

Family of three, man, teenager and woman, at Lower Antelope Canyon
It’s a little cool underground in Lower Antelope Canyon. My family and I wore light jackets in early March (temps outside were 60*F). I’m always cold so I brought a stocking hat and gloves. My husband wore shorts and felt fine. You’ll notice my bulging pockets; that’s because you can’t wear a backpack to Lower Antelope Canyon (passageways are too narrow).

Even if it’s warm above ground, it does get chilly underground in the slot canyon. We toured Lower Antelope Canyon in early March. While it was in the 60s (Fahrenheit) above ground, it was much cooler underground. I’m glad I brought my light winter jacket, a stocking hat and gloves to wear during our Lower Antelope Canyon tour and hike. My son wore a light jacket and my husband wore shorts. So I recommend dressing in layers on your Lower Antelope Canyon tour.

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Can I bring a backpack on my Lower Antelope Canyon tour?

No. Some passageways in Lower Antelope Canyon are too narrow for backpacks or any other bags. To help ensure an enjoyable experience, the following items are prohibited at Lower Antelope Canyon.

  • Backpacks
  • Fanny packs
  • Purses
  • Tripods
  • Selfie sticks
  • Food and most drinks

You may bring in one bottle of water. In the spirit of leave no trace, bring an insulated reusable water bottle rather than a single-use bottle). Restroom facilities and trash cans are not available at Lower Antelope Canyon. What you bring in, you bring out. In other words, leave most of your belongings locked in your vehicle. You don’t want to be bogged down with stuff while hiking Lower Antelope Canyon.

Does Lower Antelope Canyon have public restrooms?

No. Lower Antelope Canyon does not offer restrooms available for the general public. Our tour stopped at a nearby restaurant so we were able to use the facilities there. Additionally, the nearby Glen Canyon Dam offers modern restroom facilities.

I’m afraid of heights. Can I tour Lower Antelope Canyon? 

We had a few people on our Lower Antelope Canyon tour who were afraid of heights. So they took the stairs one step at a time; but did not deter them from enjoying the canyon. Tour guides were very helpful with people on the ladders. 

I’m claustrophobic. Can I take the Lower Antelope Canyon tour?

Lower Antelope Canyon does have some narrow passageways. It would depend on your personal comfort level. 

How long is the Lower Antelope Canyon hike (miles and time)?

The Lower Antelope Canyon hike is less than one mile and most tours take about an hour. 

Anything else to see on the way to and from Lower Antelope Canyon that’s nearby?  

Horseshoe Bend view from above
Make sure to swing by Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona when visiting Lower Antelope Canyon.

You can find several places to visit when taking a day trip to Lower Antelope Canyon. Coming from Sedona, Arizona, we drove through Oak Canyon, Flagstaff and had lunch in nearby Page, Arizona. We also stopped to take photos of Horseshoe Bend (5 miles away from Lower Antelope Canyon) and Glen Canyon Dam (13 miles away from Lower Antelope Canyon)..  

What airport did you fly into? What airport is closest to Lower Antelope Canyon?

We flew into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX), which is approximately four hours from Lower Antelope Canyon. You can also fly into the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport (LAS) , which is about a 4.5-hour road trip to Lower Antelope Canyon.

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When is the best time to visit Lower Antelope Canyon? 

We toured Lower Antelope Canyon in early March and there was no line. Our guide said that was not normal. Sometimes the line to enter the parking lot can back up to the road. And the line to the entrance of Lower Antelope Canyon can get long as well. Offseason is considered mid-October to mid-March, so our travel plans to Lower Antelope Canyon worked out perfectly. As with all attractions, visiting Lower Antelope Canyon mid-week rather than weekends helps avoid long lines and crowds. 

Do you recommend Lower Antelope Canyon vs. Upper Antelope Canyon? Which is better: Lower Antelope Canyon or Upper Antelope Canyon?

I think you will enjoy both Lower Antelope Canyon and Upper Antelope Canyon. I haven’t visited Upper Antelope Canyon – yet! But my travel blogger friends, Jane and Peter, with Abfabtravels recently visited and you can read about their incredible Upper Antelope Canyon experience. Definitely want to return to take that tour myself. I have heard that the hike at Upper Antelope Canyon is pretty flat and not as much uneven terrain.

Is Lower Antelope Canyon safe? 

We felt safe throughout our Lower Antelope Canyon tour. Unfortunately, there were some fatalities in 1997 when a flash flood appeared with no warning. Safety measures at Lower Antelope Canyon now include ladders and handrails that are bolted in place. Additionally, I’ve read that deployable cargo nets are installed at the top of the canyon and a national weather services alarm is in place. Flash flooding is not limited to Antelope Canyon. It’s a common safety concern in Arizona. Experts advise to always be on alert when hiking in Arizona.

I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of Lower Antelope Canyon and are inspired to take an Arizona road trip to these beautiful slot canyons. If you have any questions about Antelope Canyon, please contact me or post in the comments section below. Would love to hear what you think about Lower Antelope Canyon.

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  1. Absolutely breathtaking! I have seen photos of Antelope Canyon and never knew where it was. My husband’s been dying to do a road trip out west and this NEEDS to be on our route. Thanks for the info on the best times to go, too. Very helpful.

  2. Your photos are beautiful! This is definitely a trip to add to my list. And, I love the idea of using a tour company. That’s something I don’t consider often enough, and would add so much value to a getaway.

    1. Thank you! I love planning trips and having the freedom to visit places as long or as short as I like. However, sometimes I appreciate having someone else take the wheel. And since you need a Navajo guide to take the Antelope Canyon tour, it made total sense.

    1. I had never heard of Antelope Canyon until friends from Australia (that we had met on a tour of Italy and Greece) posted photos on Facebook. I could not believe how beautiful this place was and they inspired us to experience it ourselves. One of our favorite family trips ever.

  3. Simply stunning. The tour looks like to was well worth it especially with fewer than 10 participants. I love small tours. I’ll have to put this on our list of musts.

    1. Lower Antelope Canyon is so worth the cost and the time. And love that we picked a time when the crowds were minimal. We did not feel rushed and our tour guide was amazing.

  4. I need to do this trip! It is so pretty. I am going to add it to the list. is Lower Antelope Canyon a state park? or National park?

    1. You will love it! Lower Antelope Canyon is part of the Lake Powell Navajo Tribal Park on the Navajo Nation Reservation (which all are essentially private lands). You can only access and tour Antelope Canyon with a Navajo guide.

    1. Yay! You will not be disappointed. A follower on Twitter had asked if Antelope Canyon was worth the detour and I persuaded them with a huge YES. They loved it!

  5. Ugh my friends went there recently ( I couldn’t go 😭) and showed me pics very similar to these and my first reaction was “no way, these are fake” ! But apparently they’re not… lol so I just cannot wait to go see it for myself one day ♥

    1. Oh, that’s unfortunate you weren’t able to go. I hope you get another opportunity as the beauty of Lower Antelope Canyon is very much real and beautiful beyond words.

    1. They do have special photography tours that would be perfect for you. Although we didn’t need any special cameras to take these stunning shots. It didn’t really seem like that many stairs, but I was pretty mesmerized during the entire tour.

  6. Incredible pics! Those canyons look like art, amazing. I wish we had time to get to Antelope from Vegas when we recently visited. Next time I’m there or AZ, I’m making the stop. Just beautiful!

  7. Stunning. Honestly, gorgeous. I’m not a big hiker or anything but anytime I see Arizona’s landscapes and colors and these beautiful reds, It makes me want to go up and down all those stairs and maybe climb a little bit.

  8. I can see why it was one of your most popular post! These photos are breathtaking. I will make sure we visit Antelope Canyon when we travel west. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I’ve already read Jane’s article about the upper canyon but the lower one looks and sounds just as good. Now I’m confused what one I want to do 😂
    A great review

  10. I can see why it was so popular when you shared this on fb. It is such an incredible area! I really hope the Navajo Nation will be okay after the madness of covid-19.

    I wouldn’t want to go without guides, especially when you hear about the possibility of flash floods!

  11. Wow, Antelope Canyon looks incredible! The landscape is so surreal! It’s pretty different from what we see here in England! I’d love to visit to admire it in person. Thanks for the awesome guide!

    1. My pleasure…and so happy you found it as intriguing as we did. Lower Antelope Canyon is so surreal and magical…definitely recommend!

  12. I also just posted about Antelope Canyon, but I’ve only been to the Upper Part! I’m going to have to try the Lower part sometime. Thanks for sharing!

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