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I’m in denial.

I think I have to eliminate popcorn from my diet.

Me, who my friends affectionately call PEB (popcorn-eating-b****).

I mean popcorn is my go-to snack and sometimes dinner. Especially on movie night.

But I haven’t given up hope yet. It could be other stuff that’s creating havoc on my midlife metabolism and digestion.

Maybe it’s beer (hope not).

Caffeine (really hope not).

Dairy (I may have to start taking those Jetsons food capsules).

Sugar (In the words of Snoopy, “Like all great writers, I have known suffering.”).

Gluten (Have I mentioned my life-long quest to discover the best mac and cheese in the world?).

But I’m just guessing – expressing opinions as facts.

Recently, I received the opportunity to review Eat, Live, Thrive Diet: A lifestyle plan to rev up your midlife metabolism in exchange for an honest review.

Seriously. It was like Danna and Robyn (the authors) were talking directly to me as my personal nutritionists.

And it’s not just talk.

For any woman who has reached middle-age or beyond and can’t lose those unwanted pounds – take a look at the authors. Looking 10 years younger than their age (mid-sixties and fifties), they are living proof that by following a more tailored-to-the-individual plan, it is possible to keep those extra pounds off.

In their practical, science-based book Eat, Live, Thrive Diet, this duo offers understanding, encouragement and hope as they share personal experiences of battling weight gain and emotional eating in order to help others transform their lives, especially with age.

Demetre and Thomson unravel the mystery of why women gain weight as they age and offer a sustainable plan to permanently lose pounds and inches. Together they explore the question, “What if there was a way to turn back the scale and the clock with an inspiring lifestyle plan designed to help women rev up their midlife metabolisms and achieve physical and emotional freedom even as they age?”

The Eat, Live, Thrive Diet addresses the whole woman – body, soul and spirit. It takes a multi-faceted approach to total transformation. “The focus is on changing habits from the inside out and does not offer a one-size-fits-all approach. The diet allows women to customize their long-term eating plan to address their specific food sensitivities, carbohydrate thresholds, and personal likes and dislikes. We promote progress over perfection and emphasize that it is the small steps that they take consistently that will add up to big results.”

Demetre and Thomson also note that even though about 30 percent of a woman’s health and vitality is out of her control due to her genetics and gender, such as genetic predispositions to certain diseases or metabolic challenges and various hormonal shifts throughout the years — the good news is that 70 percent is in her control. That 70 percent is her lifestyle, which makes a much bigger impact on a woman’s future than she thinks.

Whereas most diets are short-lived or require substantial upkeep, Eat, Live, Thrive Diet is a viable eating plan that can be adhered to indefinitely. This three-phase nutritional journey allows each individual to personalize her own story of transformation, learning not only how to successfully lose weight safely, but also how to improve overall health and energy in critical areas such as brain function, disease prevention and slowing down the aging process. The book also highlights health risks and drawbacks of many popular fad diets that can be harmful on a long-term basis.

Key content from this inspiring lifestyle plan includes a three-phase plan.

The Elimination Phase: temporary elimination of several key foods known to promote insulin resistance and cause allergies, sensitivities and inflammation.

The Discovery Phase: determine which foods are troublesome for you (please, oh, please don’t let it be popcorn or mac and cheese).

The Lifestyle Phase: design an ideal long-term eating plan that accommodates    your specific needs and preferences.

Eat, Live, Thrive also provides:

  • Delicious recipes, healthy shortcuts and tips for food substitutions that will help you easily adopt a new way of living
  • God-centered principles, such as renewing the mind, to prepare for lasting change both physically and spiritually
  • Delicious recipes, healthy shortcuts and tips for food substitutions designed to easily adopt and sustain a healthy lifestyle

“I only wish it had not taken me decades to figure out the healthiest way to balance my body, soul and spirit in a way that honored God and promoted lasting change,” says Demetre. “I’m here to share that there is a path to freedom. I’ve experienced lasting weight loss and health for over 30 years and believe you can realize the same results if you follow our program and commit to changing your habits in God-honoring ways.”

Together, Demetre and Thomson shout from the rooftops that a woman’s best years ever can be ahead of her when she puts the Eat, Live, Thrive Diet and Lifestyle plan into action.

This book is more of a road map to guide you where you need to go to change your lifestyle as you age.  As much as I want to believe I’m not going to let age get the better of me, there are some things out of my control and areas in need of improvement.

You can download worksheets and other resources from their website and join their online community by subscribing to their leanhealthyageless blog for ongoing wellness tips. Currently, they are offering two gifts when you subscribe: Say Goodbye to Flabby Arms video and Top 10 healthy recipes.

Eat, Live, Thrive Diet has earned a 5* rating as it provides great solutions on what I can control about my metabolism while seeing results. I now have a plan to take the guesswork out of my nutrition and wellness goals. And I especially appreciate how the plan is built on scientific data and spiritual connection.

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