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2019 #readingchallenge update: 15 of 52

YTD pages: 5,003

4* for The Next Person You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom 

I love Mitch Albom and have read several of his books. When I initially finished, I was leaning toward 3.5* because I felt it was similar to his other book, “The Five People You Meet in Heaven.” However, several passages stuck with me so changed it to 4*.

My grandmother believed that when she passed she would be greeted by loved ones in heaven.

One of the last photos I took of my grandmother about a month before she passed.

“When I die, I believe that I will be with the ones who have gone before me.”

-Grandma June

These are her words she wrote in a memory book; words that bring me so much comfort and what I choose to believe also. 

My main takeaway from this book is that we (and events) are all connected – the good, the bad…everything is a gift. And what is meant for us will manifest in His perfect timing.

If meant for us.


Here are some passages I highlighted that spoke to my heart. 

“No story sits by itself. Our lives connect like threads on a loom, interwoven in ways we never realized.”

“The tale of your life is written second by second, as shifting as a flip of a pencil to an eraser.”

“We forget that our time is linked to others’ time. We come from one. We return to one. That’s how a connected universe makes sense.”

“Despite the ways we isolate ourselves on earth, in our final bliss, we are always with someone: the Lord, Jesus, saints, angels, loved ones.”

“…the end of loneliness is when someone needs you…and the world is so full of need.”

“No act done for someone else is ever wasted.”

“Children begin by needing their parents. Over time, they reject them. Eventually, they become them.”

“We mold the version we want others to believe, boosting the disguise and tucking away the truth.”

“But just because you have silenced a memory does not mean you are free from it.”

“…we embrace our scars more than our healing…We can recall the exact day we were hurt, but who remembers the day the wound is gone?”

Up next: Lost and Found in Spain by Susan Lewis Solomont 


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